Has it been a month already, since Eurosonic took our hometown by storm? Yup, time flies. We look back on this edition of the European showcase festival with a smile. Why? Because we enjoyed ourselves, saw good shows, and recorded some good live sessions.

So, what did we do during this edition of Eurosonic? We’ve been pretty busy, as you might have seen on our blog and socials. We hosted a studio in the city center of Groningen, on the Vismarkt, together with our buddies from IDK. And, we recorded live sessions with some of the best artists from Eurosonic. Who? I’ll tell you who.

UK acts

We had the great pleasure to record three of Britain’s top Eurosonic acts. The songs they performed in our studio ranged from hard and catchy punk tracks to clever singer-songwriter material, like Sorcha Richardson’s “High In the Garden.”

The energetic punk rock performance of “Dreaming” by Bad Nerves was amazing. Frontman Bobby came at us like a hurricane: jumping, kicking and screaming, “I don’t want to be dead like you, I don’t want to be dead like you!” Our camera crew survived. But, judging from their sweaty foreheads, barely.

The Howl & The Hum from York took us on a musical journey with their dreamlike sounds and lyrics. The short story about “The Only Boy Racer Left on the Island” had us all dreaming about rustic seasides and melancholic meditations.


Technically, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. But, they have an own pop music culture, and some raw kick-ass acts. How about The Snuts? These guys still looked a bit dazed and confused from the night before when they entered the studio early in the morning. All that disappeared once we hit the recording button. They left us with our mouths open after performing “Elephants” live.

Later that day, despite the cold and rainy weather, Seed to Tree from Luxembourg made our studio glow. The track “Apart” by Seed to Tree is layered and intelligent. Moreover, they recharged our batteries and prepared us for the last act of the day.

All the way from Switzerland, Black Sea Dahu kicked us in the heart with an acoustic version of “Rhizome.” Afterwards, we spoke with frontwoman Janine Cathrein about touring all year long, committing your life to music, and how the capo is her favorite piece of gear – besides her guitar.

Dutch acts

And, of course, we were proud to record some hidden Dutch gems, like the duo Cashmyra. The frontwoman sings in her native tongue and their music comes straight from the heart. You don’t need your ears to understand it, you get the vibe. Just put on “Stress” by Cashmyra and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

If you like the roaring twenties, then you just might like Them Dirty Dimes. Their lyrics are fresh and they’re dressed like a band of chaps straight from the great depression. These guys play  reinvigorating bluegrass songs, which we enjoyed very much. We hope you will too.

By the way: who said the Netherlands don’t do rock ‘n’ roll? Well, watch The Vices go bananas in our studio, and think again. These guys take their music seriously, no doubt about that. But the thing that makes them awesome is the energy that enlightens a youthful fire in our hearts. Enjoy and happy jamming!

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