Summer is in full swing, and here is where you can find some inspiration for those outdoor jamming sessions. We’ll look at some new entries alongside the Chordify community favorites.  Let’s dive into the top 10 songs of June!

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Christopher enters the top 10 

We welcome Danish singer-actor Christopher to the top 10 songs of the month for the first time. He stars in the Netflix film ‘A Beautiful Life’, in which he also composed and recorded the soundtrack, including Led Me To You.

In the film, Elliott (Christopher) is a Danish fisherman with no family left, little money in his pocket, but an extraordinary voice which will take him far.

With this storyline, there are many tracks featuring emotive, melancholic vibes, and Led Me To You definitely fits this mold. There are warm vocals, soft piano chords, soaring string arrangements and spacey guitar melodies. The song builds to a climax with all the instruments combining to create a powerful final chorus. 

The chord progression is quite simple so it’s suitable for all levels of player, and with the different instrumentation in the arrangement it is a versatile track. This could also be a nice tune for vocalists to try singing alongside jamming the chords! Check out the track here.

Soothing sounds of Kairo Worship

Also entering for the first time, Kairo Worship joins the top 10 songs of June with Hermoso Momento

This track is a heartfelt religious ballad in Spanish, created with a modern pop approach in regards to the arrangement and production. The result is an accessible, catchy track, with a lot of strong vocal melodies. There’s also soft piano, synthesizer and guitar parts which add a solid foundation to support the main melody.

Similar to Led Me To You, the track is mainly built up around a four chord progression, so it is quite simple and accessible for all kinds of players. 

Kairo Worship

The great thing about the top 10 songs of the month at Chordify is the diversity of new tracks from month to month. Hermoso Momento is a perfect example of that – we can all take inspiration from different musical styles and themes. 

Jamming to songs you might not typically play can also be a boost for musical growth and help form new creative ideas. Worth considering the next time you play your instrument! You can check out Hermoso Momento here.

Alongside these new entries for the top 10 songs of June, there are of course the evergreen classics as well. Check out the full list below, or head to the top 10 setlist here.

Happy jamming!

The Top 10 songs of June

  1. Miley Cyrus – Flowers
  2. R.E.M. – Losing my Religion
  3. Harry Styles – As it Was
  4. Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero
  5. Christopher – Led Me To You (From the Netflix Film ‘A Beautiful Life`)
  6. Neil Young – Heart of Gold
  7. Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
  8. Kairo Worship – Hermoso Momento
  9. Grupo Frontera x Bad Bunny – un x100to
  10. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
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