Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing and created the Chordify Continental Top 5 of most intensely practiced songs.

Want to know who’s the new number one on your side of the pond? The scores are on the doors…. Check it out!

1. Organek – Głupi ja
2. Jérémy Sourdril – L’amour injuste
3. Stephen – Fly Down
4. Ghali – Dende
5. Chet Faker – I’m into You

chat faker chords chordify
Chet Faker

North America
1. Wrabel – 11 Blocks
2. Whitney – No Matter Where We Go
3. Citizens & Saints – Relent
4. Miike Snow – My Trigger
5. Jessica Domingo – Kendrick Lamar Medley

miike snow fin chords chordify
Miike Snow

South America
1. Green Valley feat. Saritah – Somos Iguales
2. Jose Lizardo – A Ti Pastor
3. La Máquina Camaleön feat Paola Navarrete – Los Zanqueros
4. Dulce y Agraz – Me Reparto en Ti
5. Santa Feria – Sakate Uno

green valley feat saritah chords chordify
Green Valley feat. Saritah

1. VERUA – Honoipo
2. Alex Lahey – You don’t think you like people like me
3. Troy Kingi – True Love
4. Big Scary – The Opposite of Us
5. Vera Blue – Hold

vera blue chords chordify
Vera Blue

1. Traveling – 近藤房之助 x 大村憲司 x 西慎嗣
2. Sheila Majid – Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta
3. A. R. Rahman – Malargale Malargale
4. Namak Halaal – Jawani Janeman Haseen Dilruba – Asha Bhosle
5. Glenn Fredly & The Bakuucakar – Rame-Rame/Timur

ar rahman malargale malargale chordify chords
A.R. Rahman

1. Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Blerk, Refentse – Hardekole
2. Bouwer Bosch – Sy Klink Soos Lente
3. Nathaniel Bassey – Casting Crowns
4. Herman Kleinhans – Ek Sweer
5. Sinach – Way Maker

bouwer bosch sy klink soos lente chords chordify
Bouwer Bosch

A final note for those who are worried about privacy or possibly somewhat ashamed of their guilty pleasures: it’s all big data, not individual results. If you secretly want to learn to play the entire Frozen soundtrack, don’t worry, we can’t trace it back to you!

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