The Web Summit is a wrap for 2015, with the who’s who of the tech and start-up world flooding the city. It was vibrant, it was hectic, and we were enjoying every second of it! We’ll soon be giving you all the gossip in full detail. But for now, just a couple of highlights as we’re still recovering from all the events, meetings and parties that were filling our schedules. Websummit We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we were selected to participated in the ALPHA start-up program. We were given our very own booth to show off Chordify in all its glory last Tuesday. Tijmen demonstrated both his guitar and modeling skills and we talked with a lot of enthusiastic people. Tijmen_websummit The Dutch embassy in Dublin also selected Chordify to pitch to a panel of investors and join the party afterwards, which was a fabulous opportunity to meet the people who can give Chordify the oomph it needs to make it even bigger, even better and even more fun for you to use! Hopefully we’ll get the chance to check out the city, but for now, the only sightseeing is done through the windows of the taxis in the chaos that is Dublin traffic. More soon!

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