With a few weeks of summer still ahead of us, we look back on the hottest top songs of August. Again, we have a surprise number one newcomer, and of course a few of the usual suspects. Before we start… Can someone tell us what’s up with Adele? 

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Rub of Rub enters at #1

The Indonesian band Rub of Rub is the surprise of the month. They top our rankings with their song “Lepas”, and once you’ve heard the song you’ll know why. This catchy dub track is built around a groovy bassline and just two basic chords, but don’t be fooled, it’s the perfect example of less is more. The song sounds fresh and exciting every step of the way. Just jam along and see for yourself.

Kate Bush is crushing her hill sprint

Since Stranger Things season 4 launched on Netflix, Kate Bush has been sprinting up that hill called the Chordify top songs. It is, after all, the track that keeps Max out of the hands of the upside down overlord. No, don’t worry, we won’t give away more spoilers. We’re just saying there’s a good reason our community has been playing this song as if their life depended on it.

What’s up with Adele?

So what’s up with Adele? Our Chordify community has jammed to not one, but two songs of the English singer-songwriter. Did we miss anything, or are we collectively sad that the summer is almost over? Whatever’s going on, we’re happy “Easy” and “Hello” are going strong, because these are evergreens that definitely deserve a place in your setlist.

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Justin Bieber

The usual suspects

The usual suspects of the past few months are of course Imagine Dragons with “Enemy”, John Denver with his “Take Me Home Country Roads”, and The Kid LAROI teaming up with Justin Bieber for “Stay”. Great stuff, keep jamming to these gems!

All 10 Chordify top songs

Want to jam to the whole summer list of top songs? Of course you do. Check out the 10 most played tracks on Chordify below, and don’t forget to add them to your setlist. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer. Happy jamming!

  1. Lepas by Rub of Rub
  2. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush
  3. Worldwide Steppers by Kendrick Lamar
  4. Stay by The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber
  5. Enemy by Imagine Dragons
  6. Until I Find You by Stephen Sanchez
  7. Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver
  8. Future by Wait For You featuring Drake
  9. Easy by Adele
  10. Hello by Adele
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