Innovation, innovation, innovation. Oh yes we love it! And we do it so that you, the user, can focus on jamming and improving your skills. So what’s new? Well the Chordify 3.0.0 beta1- update for Android, which is available for our beta testers.

We imagine that you don’t always have your laptop at hand. That’s why we have had the tablet and phone optimization of the Chordify Android app on our radar for a while now. Because we want people to rock along smoothly on all Android devices, both tablets and phones. It took us a while because every device has its own specific format and requirements, but we did it! 

Update for Android

The features that make playing along easy and accessible have been available for iOS for a while. But now, with this beta release for Android, we have created an update that optimizes our features for all Android devices as well. For instance, you can now upload your own tracks, and have offline access to your library.

Moreover, with the 3.0.0 beta1 update you can play along in landscape mode, also on phone. Which makes reading the chord progressions on your screen a lot easier. We hope you like the new update, and we’ll keep you posted on further developments. Happy jamming!

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