Chordify Rock Stars of all shapes and sizes, we need you! We’ve signed up for the SXSW Festival (the world’s largest music, tech and film showcase festival), to talk about the future of music education. The problem: they don’t just let anyone up on the stage and there’s 3500 people competing for a spot. So we need your votes pretty please with sugar on top, and we need them before the polls close on September 4!

We love music, tech and education, and especially the place where all three of them meet. It’s also something we love to talk about, and your vote will help us get on stage without being dragged off by security and getting into all sorts of legal trouble.


Our message about music education

All kidding aside, we do have a message and vision about music we want to share. So what will we be talking about? In a nutshell: equality in music education. Music education is not simply about teaching people to play an instrument, but really it’s about providing people with the right conditions to learn.

In the olden days (before the interwebs and tech era), those conditions were far from optimal. People were dependent on teachers, music scores were not readily available and of course there’s the problem of affordability. So, we want to talk about music tech companies, smart algorithms and gaming solutions that create the best opportunities for learning to play. After all, our motto is: everybody can become a musician.

What you can do to help

Sounds like a cool thing to talk about, right? So here’s what you can do; Before you can vote, you’ll have to sign up first on the SXSW website and wait for the authentication email to hit your inbox. When you’ve verified, just vote for Chordify here. Easy peasy.


What is SXSW again?

The South by Southwest festival is the largest music, tech and film showcase festival in the world, held every year in Austin, Texas. All the industry big shots will be there, which is important for us, because our talk about the future of music education will be heard by the right people.

But before we get there, we need your vote! So be sure to vote for Chordify before September 4. Thanks and rock on!

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