Xmas tree song chords

UPDATE – Winner of the Xmas tree holiday special

Last week we asked you to vote for your favourite Xmas tree song. Well you all did in great numbers. We were happy to receive almost 10000 votes in two days time. The Xmas spirit is strong in our readers. Is the suspense killing you? It probably is, so we won’t keep you waiting any longer. The winner with 8000 votes (OMG!) is… Silent Night! Check out our Holiday channel for more inspiration.

Original blog post

It feels like the summer’s just ended, but with only a few weeks to go, we definitely have to start thinking about the holiday season. Especially what we’re going to slide under the Xmas tree. Or maybe more importantly, what we’re going to jam next to that same old tree. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to vote for a great holiday season song which we can explain in great detail.

Piano players, ukulele tigers, and axe swinging barbarians, may we have your attention please! Are you familiar with that feeling where you have a great idea of what you should have done in advance at the moment that you actually have to do it? Yeah that kind of sucks, doesn’t it?

Songs for the Xmas tree

Well, not this time, because we give you the chance to think in advance which special holiday season song you’d like to learn so we can explain it to you in our Songs Explained Xmas Special. This way you’ll be prepared for the moment when all lights are dimmed, and the family conversation kind of dies out. When that happens…that’s your cue to grab your instrument and fill the silence with sweet, sweet sounds of music next to that Xmas tree.

In this blog post we’ll present to you the contenders. This way you don’t have to deep-dive into childhood memories to look for songs that you might think sound great, but actually are way too difficult to jam along with. Give our five suggestions a good listen, think it through or don’t do all these things, and just vote for a random option. Either way, the song with the most votes will be surgically dismantled by our music prodigy Kirill. He will break it down to the basics so you can learn to play it in no time. That’s a promise.

Contender number 1 – Silent Night 

Let’s hit it off with a classic. Yeah, the “Silent Night” chords may sound profound, and heavenly difficult, but actually they’re pretty basic. We get it, Kelly Clarkson is backed up by a choir, and a professional orchestra, so you’ll never be able to compete with that specific sound. On the other hand, this song in itself contains the spirit of the holiday season for lots of people. You can’t really go wrong with your own interpretation of “Silent Night”.

Contender number 2 – Holiday by Madonna

We don’t have to get all Xmas-y to feel the holiday vibes, do we now? Of course not! That’s why this track is so awesome when it comes to the Xmas tree season. You can play this song during the whole month of December, but then again… Why not every time you have a few days off? Madonna’s “Holiday” chords are a bit more challenging than “Silent Night”, but since this track is multi-applicable it may be worth the struggle. That’s up to you of course.

Contender number 3 – Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano

Now back to classic, shall we? This Xmas banger has a melody that will get stuck into your head for days, and don’t get us started on the chords. “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano was released in 1970, and has been covered by a lot of great artists like Boney M., the Wiggles, and the cast of Glee to name a few. In other words: we don’t really have to sell you this one. Just go with your gut feeling.

Contender number 4 – Last Christmas by Wham! 

Can you relate to the story of the person that gave his heart away, but the very next day the counterpart gave it away, so this year she’s saving it for someone special? No? Okay, maybe this song is not for you. Oh but you actually do relate? Here’s the good news: so did George Michael bless his soul. Do we need to say more about “Last Christmas” by Wham!? We could say it only contains a few chords, and is the ideal Xmas tree serenade for the one you love.

Contender number 5 – Jingle Bells

We started this article with a Xmas tree classic, so let’s conclude it with one. Just like “Silent Night”, this song contains for many the spirit of the holiday season. It reminds us of an old man creeping down chimneys, flying reindeers called Rudolf, elfs, bells, snow… You name it, “Jingle Bells”’s got it! 

So how about you make up your mind and start scrolling up and down this list of fine holiday tunes. Take your time, but don’t overthink it. Just let us know which holiday song you would like us to explain to you for piano, ukulele, and guitar so that this year you will stand ready when the time comes, and the Xmas tree welcomes the sound of your holiday spirit. Happy jamming!