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ozzy-osbourne-lay-your-world-on-me-eduardo-magalhaesOzzy Osbourne - Lay Your World On Me18 jam sessions · chords:blues-brothers-rawhide-bluesbrothersmusicBlues Brothers - Rawhide855 jam sessions · chords:like-a-rolling-stone-the-jimi-hendrix-experience-topicLike a Rolling Stone57 jam sessions · chords:koko-taylor-chicago-u-s-a-beer-bottle-boogie-mike-papasKOKO TAYLOR (Chicago, U.S.A) - Beer Bottle Boogie3 jam sessions · chords:99-1-2-won-t-do-george-e-chambers-topic99 1/2 Won't Do3 jam sessions · chords:canned-heat-canned-heat-03-evil-is-going-on-gointosleepbiatchCanned Heat - Canned Heat - 03 - Evil Is Going On9 jam sessions · chords:everyday-i-have-the-blues-bb-king-jajaumaconnection2Everyday I Have The Blues ~ B.B King27 jam sessions · chords:chitty-chitty-bang-bang-04-hushabye-mountain-afaultytoasterChitty Chitty Bang Bang 04 - Hushabye Mountain69 jam sessions · chords:sam-the-sham-the-pharaohs-little-red-riding-hoodSam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Little Red Riding Hood3 jam sessions · chords:tom-petty-girl-on-lsd-brodieman1999Tom Petty - Girl on LSD111 jam sessions · chords:barbara-bonney-ave-maria-iddanielloBarbara Bonney - Ave Maria6 jam sessions · chords:a-life-on-the-ocean-wave-uffa-fox-topicA Life On The Ocean Wave3 jam sessions · chords:everlast-what-it-s-like-music-video-tommy-boyEverlast - What it's Like (Music Video)1218 jam sessions · chords:tom-waits-chocolate-jesus-glauco-malagoliTom Waits - Chocolate Jesus384 jam sessions · chords:on-the-road-to-kingdom-come-mov-soddyflashOn The Road To Kingdom Come.mov3 jam sessions · chords:tom-waits-jesus-gonna-be-here-alasabyssTom Waits - Jesus Gonna Be Here27 jam sessions · chords:the-righteous-brothers-rock-n-roll-heaven-walkintall7THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - ROCK N' ROLL HEAVEN66 jam sessions · chords:crash-test-dummies-god-shuffled-his-feet-official-music-video-crashtestdummiesvevoCrash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet (Official Video)87 jam sessions · chords:hole-letter-to-god-mandy-lynn-2Hole- Letter To God3 jam sessions · chords:violent-femmes-jesus-walking-on-the-water-ed-batesViolent Femmes - Jesus Walking On The Water27 jam sessions · chords:everybody-eats-when-they-come-to-my-house-tom-ball-and-kenny-sultan-topicEverybody Eats When They Come to My House3 jam sessions · chords:tom-paxton-the-last-thing-on-my-mind-1964-maxTom Paxton - The Last Thing On My Mind (1964)24 jam sessions · chords:dunderbecke-oscar-brand-topicDunderbecke3 jam sessions · chords:is-this-any-way-to-run-an-airline-tom-paxton-topicIs This Any Way To Run An Airline?3 jam sessions · chords:i-was-born-ten-thousand-years-ago-lasse-magnell-small-band-topicI was born ten thousand years ago3 jam sessions · chords: