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Ever wanted to do a remix but had a hard time figuring out chords by ear? Check out Chordify!”

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The Chordify Premium Features

Music file storage

Allows you to upload and store an unlimited amount of songs from your own collection.

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Library management

Create your personal library by adding, deleting, favouriting and renaming any song you like. Do not waste time searching for the same songs over and over. Just focus on improving your skills!

PDF and MIDI downloads

Get unlimited downloads per month without having to go through the payment hassle over and over again. Take the calculated chords wherever you go as a PDF printout or use the MIDI for audio editing. Chordify Free users pay a small fee per download.

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Print the chords as seen on screen

Just hit the print button and print out the chords on paper or save as PDF with the same familiar appearance. Unlimited amount of prints for Chordify Premium users!

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Transpose chords with capo hints

Enables you to play your chordified songs in different keys. Not your key? Are the chords too hard to play? Try the transpose feature with capo hints.

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Play back actual and transposed chords

On top of the audio of the song you have chordified we supply Premium users with an extra audio channel that plays back the chords that were extracted. Play both your original song and the recognised chords simultaneously, or separately.

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Change playback speed

Lets you decrease or increase the playing speed of your chordified songs by simply clicking the arrows in the player. Slow down in order to keep up! Or, if you're a rockstar, play it faster!

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Maximum song duration

With Chordify Premium you can chordify songs up to 20 minutes. This allows you to also practice the more obscure genres out there on the web.

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No commercial advertising

Commercial messages will not be shown on Chordify Premium. Chordify adores music, musicians and other artists. That's why our curated wallpapers remain available for the promotion of artists and events we love.

Individual help and support

You need help? As a premium user you have the privilege to get personal help and support. As long as they are about our service that is ;)

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