From 21-23 July 2017, Welcome to The Village (awarded ‘most innovative event’!) is the place to be for great music, good food and an awesome atmosphere. Play along with a selection of the line-up, with the most innovative music service you know!

black-honey-hello-today-blackhoneyvevoBlack Honey - Hello Today183 jam sessions · chords:mighty-oaks-horsehead-bay-official-video-mightyoaksvevoMighty Oaks - Horsehead Bay (Official Video)147 jam sessions · chords:cody-chesnutt-til-i-met-thee-codychesnuttvevoCody ChesnuTT - Til I Met Thee189 jam sessions · chords:declan-mckenna-isombard-official-video-declanmckennavevoDeclan McKenna - Isombard (Official Video)471 jam sessions · chords:brutus-all-along-brutusvevoBrutus - All Along114 jam sessions · chords:dmas-cover-cher-believe-for-like-a-version-triple-jDMA'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version222 jam sessions · chords:supermoon-65daysofstatic-no-mans-sky-theinspirationalmindSupermoon | 65daysofstatic (No Man's Sky)132 jam sessions · chords:spinvis-hallo-maandag-excelsior-recordingsSpinvis - Hallo Maandag156 jam sessions · chords:conner-youngblood-the-badlands-conner-youngbloodConner Youngblood - The Badlands12654 jam sessions · chords:paceshifters-draw-a-blank-official-music-video-paceshiftersPACESHIFTERS - Draw A Blank Official Music Video69 jam sessions · chords:blaudzun-between-a-kiss-and-a-sorry-goodbye-360-vr-official-video-b-l-a-u-d-z-u-nBLAUDZUN - BETWEEN A KISS AND A SORRY GOODBYE (360° VR Official Video)99 jam sessions · chords:franz-ferdinand-take-me-out-rrindustryFranz Ferdinand - Take Me Out1230 jam sessions · chords:ash-grunwald-longtime-ash-grunwaldAsh Grunwald - Longtime132 jam sessions · chords:shine-official-video-hd-benjamin-francis-leftwich-benjaminleftwich'Shine' Official Video (HD) - Benjamin Francis Leftwich255 jam sessions · chords:mr-wallace-honey-wont-you-buy-me-flowers-official-video-mr-wallace-officialMr. Wallace - Honey, Won't You Buy Me Flowers [OFFICIAL VIDEO]72 jam sessions · chords:kevin-devine-no-history-procrastinate-music-traitorsKevin Devine - "No History"135 jam sessions · chords:hooton-tennis-club-katy-anne-bellis-hootontennisclubvevoHooton Tennis Club - Katy-Anne Bellis297 jam sessions · chords:monophonics-lying-eyes-official-video-monophonicsMonophonics - "Lying Eyes" (Official Video)99 jam sessions · chords:

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