About Chordify

You might think of Chordify as just another chords website or app, and in a way you are absolutely right. Because yes, this company was built so you can play along with the music you love. End of story. But actually, it’s just the start. It’s our pleasure to welcome you to the Chordify jungle! Plug in your ear plugs and let’s hear what it is all about. 

Live your music 

Chordify was founded by a group of ex-band members (a.k.a. friends) who wanted to put scientific findings on chord recognition into practice. During some intense hackathon weekends, the first version of our algorithm and the interface to play along were created. 

The world heard of Chordify for the first time at the Eurosonic festival in 2013. Quite literally, since the official launch was marked by a legendary loud rooftop concert at the Grote Markt in Groningen, The Netherlands. People from all over the world have been chordifying songs and jamming along ever since, making Chordify grow fast and organically.

Paceshifters x Chrodify
Paceshifters performance at the launch of Chordify in 2013

Thanks to the millions of visitors that jam along at Chordify, we have grown into a full-blown scale-up company with a clear purpose: we want the world to live its music. Music is the heart and soul of Chordify. It’s at the very core of everything we do and what we stand for. It’s the invisible string that ties us all together and provides a language that everyone understands. 

Software is our instrument of choice, so we developed more products to serve your musical journey. With our digital guitar teacher Gituru and the multi-string tuner Karang, we aim to amplify the musicality of more rock stars around the world. 

Technology behind Chordify

Ever wondered how it’s possible that you can find the chords for even the most obscure songs? You have our algorithm to thank for that. It never sleeps. It recognizes any audio file from far away and calculates the chords in a split second. That’s what we call true Artificial Intelligence, baby! 

Our AI automatically recognizes chords from an audio signal and aligns them to the music in a simple player. But how does our algorithm work exactly? The Machine Learning technology behind Chordify is explained in this article. 

International company from the Netherlands

Founded in the little country next to Germany, Chordify started off with two offices in the Netherlands; one in the beautiful northern town of Groningen and one smack in the middle of Utrecht. The simple reason for this was that the founders already lived in those cities, and it was working out well so far. Being a Dutch company never stopped us from having an international scope. We take pride in the vast number of nationalities (over 12 now!) that are represented within our team. 

Company Culture

Team Chordify 2022

Something that we are quite proud of is the Chordify company culture. It rocks! We organize our work in self-managing teams, where everyone is accountable for specific roles. This way we are teamed up in a flexible, autonomous and transparent way. 

Besides work, there is a wide range of instruments we do (and do not) play. Our musical skills vary from epic guitar soloists to out of tune singers and everything in between. We make sure we are living our music by sharing new releases of our favorite artists and of our own music projects. We also meet up at concerts and festivals and like to jam together, even if it sounds horrible sometimes.


We would be happy to hear from you. For our most frequently asked questions or suggestions, head over to our Support page.

Chordify offices

Chordify B.V.
Stationsweg 3G
9726 AC Groningen
The Netherlands

Utrecht Office
Stationsplein 32
3511 ED Utrecht
The Netherlands

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