The Chordify Toolkit

Take your music making to the next level with our Toolkit! Designed for all musicians, our toolkit brings new features you won't want to miss out on anymore

Learn new chords, tune to perfection with our beloved chromatic tuner, perfect your timing with our precision metronome, or identify the chords of any song playing near you in real time.

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The Chordify Toolkit

Check out all of our awesome features that will help you improve your music skills!

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The Chordify app: The Toolkit in your pocket

Access the free tuner on your phone at all times
Get Premium + Toolkit to access all Toolkit features on both web and both Android and iOS apps
Play along with every song you could imagine
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Coming soon

Can't find the Live Chord Detection feature here yet? We’re working very hard on bringing it to our website as soon as possible! For now, try it out on our Apps, with the Chordify Premium + Toolkit subscription, you’ll be able to detect all the chords you hear around you!

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