Live Chord Detection

We'll show you what chords are playing right now! Let us listen to the music and you can follow along with the chord diagrams.

You need a Premium + Toolkit subscription to use Live Chord Detection

About Live Chord Detection

Click the 'Detect Chords' button and we will show you the exact chord that is playing.

It works with any soundsource! A song on the radio, a live concert or a jam with your friends.

You can immediately follow and play along on your instrument of choice by selecting which diagram you want to see!

The Chordify Toolkit

Check out all of our awesome features that will help you improve your music skills!

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Chordify: A chord detector in your pocket

Detect the chords of any musical soundsource, from your phone!
Check out the chords of a live concert, friends jamming or a song on the radio.
Always know what chords are playing, wherever you are.
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