Multi-string Guitar Tuner

Tune your guitar with our new multi-string tuner, now available for free! With our multi-string (or polyphonic) tuner you can strum all the strings of your guitar at once, and immediately see which ones need tuning.

Prefer a Chromatic Tuner? Scroll down, we've got you covered!


Chromatic Tuner

A chromatic tuner is the most common type of tuner. Tune any instrument with precision and ease!

Please note, you need a Premium Plus subscription in order to use the chromatic tuner.

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How does it work?

With the multi-string tuner, the strings of the tuner are represented by the vertical lines and the names of the strings are also shown. The thickest E string is shown on the left and the thinnest on the right. To know which way to tune, dots will appear on the strings when you play them. A dot above the center means that the note is too high and needs to be tuned down, and a dot below the center means that you need to tune the string up. To tune a string up you need to tighten the string by adjusting the tuning peg to the left (counter clockwise). To lower the pitch you will need to adjust the tuner to the right (clockwise).

The chromatic tuner will show you what note you're playing on the right, and how close it is to being in tune on the left. When the green bar in the middle lights up you have a tuned note! If the orange bars on the left light up, the pitch of the note is too low, whereas the bars on the right indicate the pitch is too high. Lastly, on top of the tuner you can find the pitch of the current note in Hertz (Hz), and how far off the note is in cents.

If a song uses a different tuning frequency, Like "Billie Jean" (450 Hz) or "I Was Made For Loving You" (430 Hz), you can easily adjust the frequency that all your strings will be tuned to with the + and - buttons and play along to the exact tuning of your chosen song.

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