Music Dictionary

Warning: you may discover answers to music questions you didn’t know you had. And more! 

Welcome to the music dictionary! This is the place to look up all music-related things you forgot about, or you just didn’t need to know about before. Sharp? Minor? BPM? Music intervals? Now that you arrived here, at this point in your life, you might as well read something useful to strengthen your music-playing game. 

Songs and stuff

What makes great songs so great? Here are some secret (and less secret) ingredients for that hit recipe.

Gear and studio recording

Gear and studio recording

It’s time to gear up ladies and gents! Get ready for some proper (home) studio recordings with these terms.

Note from our editors

Do you miss a term in the music dictionary? Don’t hesitate and please let us know. We are constantly improving our Academy content in the dictionary and on the Chordify blog, so feel free to drop us a line for suggestions and feedback. We appreciate it. Happy jamming!

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