Jam or jam session

Perhaps you’ve already seen the phrase “Happy jamming” on our web-platform? And maybe you’re curious to know what “jam” or “jamming” means? If so, you’re at the right place! Let’s talk about a jam / jam session.

Simply put, the jam session (or jam) is a musical performance with a lot of spontaneous and improvisational elements involved. Jams can happen in any places where different musicians get together with their instruments and start to play without any rehearsals or preparations.

Typically when musicians jam, they improvise on well-known tunes (for instance, jazz standards). It can also be certain vamps (a musical fragment repeated over and over again) or just a certain chord progression (for instance, typical blues or rock ’n’ roll chord changes). 

There is a very informal atmosphere during a jam session. Musicians can join or leave the performance at any time they want. Collaboratively, they are creating music and improvising right on the spot. Nobody knows in advance how a song or melody will start and how it will end. This element of freedom, spontaneity and unpredictability makes jam sessions very attractive and interesting not only for musicians, but also for listeners.

Jams can take place within a range of musical styles: jazz, rock, funk, blues, etc. The form of jam sessions can also vary: some are led by a jam session leader, who invites different musicians on stage for different songs, and some are open for any collaborative performances.

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to have a lot of musicians and listeners around to make your own jam session. Staying at home and playing along on your favorite instrument sends you on an exciting musical journey. Just pick your favorite song and jam along with it!

Happy jamming!

Jam session
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