The metronome is an important musical tool to help musicians keep tempo. The metronome generates a constant short sound, click or beep with a certain frequency, which can be adjusted by the user manually. So, you can set up a certain amount of beats per minute (BPM) of your desire. 

The metronome is commonly used for practicing with your instrument, rehearsing and for recordings. It’s a great tool to train yourself playing in the right tempo, to keep the same tempo for the whole composition. During rehearsals, a metronome can gather the whole band around itself. Sometimes, even in live performances, a drummer can have a metronome in headphones while he is playing. So, the band can rely on the drummer and can be sure they’re playing together in time. A Metronome is handy for recording sessions, if you want to record a song with equival speed. 

Remember, that Metronome is your friend. It can help you to develop a great time feeling, which is a necessary skill to be a good musician.


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