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never-be-apart-teeksTEEKS - Never Be Apart54 jam sessions · chords:te-taukaea-o-te-aroha-ko-te-whirika-tepioketepioke - Te Taukaea o te Aroha - Ko te Whirika21 jam sessions · chords:sublime-what-i-got-sublimevevoSublime - What I Got33915 jam sessions · chords:wayo-live-ganga-addara-cover-wayo-lkWAYO LIVE - Ganga Addara (cover)33 jam sessions · chords:19-nga-whakamoemiti-nerehana-whanau19 Ngā Whakamoemiti48 jam sessions · chords:grace-vineyard-breathe-on-us-lyrics-translatable-live-captions-lyricsing-alongGrace Vineyard - Breathe On Us (lyrics + translatable live captions)6 jam sessions · chords:drift-away-sons-of-zion-guitar-tutorial-natpicking"Drift Away" - Sons of Zion Guitar Tutorial36 jam sessions · chords:link-tuhia-eli-matthew-pettersenLink - Tuhia87 jam sessions · chords:ka-poi-poia-hevynsc3ntKa Poi Poia72 jam sessions · chords:e-te-ariki-whanau-delmarae100E te Ariki (Whanau)207 jam sessions · chords:adeaze-a-life-with-you-dakolohe1Adeaze - A Life With You216 jam sessions · chords:love-her-rb-love-piano-guitar-instrumental-beat-jurrivh"Love Her" - R&B Love Piano/Guitar Instrumental Beat42 jam sessions · chords:stan-walker-thank-you-stanwalkervevoStan Walker - Thank You198 jam sessions · chords:tutira-mai-nga-iwi-fun-creativesTutira Mai Nga Iwi129 jam sessions · chords:maisey-rika-pumau-tonu-lukiMaisey Rika - Pūmau Tonu168 jam sessions · chords:sons-of-zion-drift-away-with-lyrics-mystic-wolfSons Of Zion - Drift Away - With Lyrics117 jam sessions · chords:07-ma-te-kahukura-nerehana-whanau07 Ma Te Kahukura90 jam sessions · chords:mitch-james-all-the-ways-to-say-goodbye-audio-mitchjamesvevoMitch James - All The Ways To Say Goodbye (Audio)60 jam sessions · chords:hoki-mai-e-tama-ma-jason-pogiHoki mai e tama ma96 jam sessions · chords:six60-rivers-lyric-video-six60SIX60 - Rivers (Lyric Video)330 jam sessions · chords:drax-project-woke-up-late-drax-projectDrax Project - Woke Up Late144 jam sessions · chords:drift-away-lyrics-sons-of-zion-florenceDrift Away Lyrics - Sons of Zion63 jam sessions · chords:one-day-a-taniwha-mattyh2o2One Day a Taniwha18 jam sessions · chords:haere-mai-delma-rae-1426326647Haere Mai102 jam sessions · chords:te-aroha-nmitnzTe Aroha165 jam sessions · chords:am-i-supposed-to-apologize-maria-mena-rybakandedenloverAm I supposed to apologize? - Maria Mena27 jam sessions · chords:baby-nofo-mai-remix-with-lyrics-dawn-tongiBaby Nofo Mai Remix with lyrics63 jam sessions · chords:six60-rolling-stone-lyric-video-six60SIX60 - Rolling Stone (Lyric Video)162 jam sessions · chords:he-waiata-matariki-rahera-daviesHe waiata Matariki51 jam sessions · chords:six60-closer-lyric-video-six60SIX60 - Closer (Lyric Video)312 jam sessions · chords:

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