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Honne Chords


If you’re looking for Honne chords you’ve come to the right place! This electronic music duo was formed in 2014 in Bow, London and is made up of producer James Hatcher and singer and producer Andy Clutterbuck. The two met while studying music and bonded over their mutual love for the rock band Radiohead. Ever since then they have been exploring affordable ways of producing music, without using expensive equipment or being in a professional studio. The duo devises, records and produces their music together. Honne’s chords, which fuse soul with synths, have brought them international success and eventually led to them signing a record deal with Atlantic, a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group.

True feelings

Hatcher and Clutterbuck spent a lot of time in Japan when they first started making music, which shaped them to a large extent. Their name Honne is a Japanese word, meaning "true feelings". Clutterbuck once disclosed that they picked their name because it fits well with the themes of their songs, which often deal with personal experiences.

Reaching to the top

Hatcher used to work as a guitar teacher. He’d use every free minute he had to squeeze in some songwriting, devising chords for Honne, for example when his students would be late or didn’t turn up. 2014 was the year the duo released their first two EPs, named Warm On A Cold Night and All In The Value. Only one year later, in 2015 they had finished their third EP Coastal Love. They followed this streak up by releasing another album called Love Me/Love Me Not in 2018. Overall, their music has often been described as being inspired by soul, being characterized by a futuristic twist.

Going gold

Despite their immense success, both Hatcher and Clutterbuck are known to be very much down to earth. Both fans as well as critics can’t seem to get enough of them. For instance, when their debut album launched, it had gone gold in South Korea without them even promoting it there, apart from one interview they had. You surely don’t want to miss out on exploring Honne’s chords! Find all of them below.

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