Favorite Halloween costumes all laid out on the bed? Trying to pick the perfect one for this year’s Transylvania themed Zoom party? Great! Now, how about some tunes to go along with that. You might as well stop looking because we created an entire Halloween Channel full of tracks that will make your blood run cold — wait … Did I hear someone knocking on the window? Is it just a tree? Did I forget to lock the door? Never mind, let’s get rockin’.

All Hallows’ Eve is upon us, and all we can think is… That’s right. Jamming to some scary sounds. If you’re getting too old for trick or treat, there’s nothing better than grabbing your axe and slaying some chords. We’ve unlocked the tombs of four great monsters of rock, and we’ve highlighted these four creatures below. 

Marilyn Manson – ‘This Is the New Shit’

Take the first name of your favorite classic Hollywood actress and the surname of an infamous serial killer. The result is one scary badass shock rocker. Are you ready for “This Is the New Shit” by Marilyn Manson? Razor sharp chords and a crazy production result in a ghoulish headbanger.

The track is written in the key of C, and it only takes five power chords to master it. Well, reproducing the electric sounds will be a challenge on your piano, uke or acoustic guitar. That’s why we suggest taking this chord progression and giving it your own creepy spin. 

Slipknot – ‘Duality’

If this Halloween doesn’t go entirely as planned, please don’t follow Slipknot’s advice given in “Duality” — sticking your fingers in your eyes does not slowly stop the ache. Trust us, we tried, failed, and now we’re wearing eye patches. No, just kidding, but you will if you don’t. So, just grab your axe and try to nail the up-tempo chord progression of this track. This song, written in the key of C major, contains a lot of power chords. 

So, this is your chance to find some new positions on the fretboard; or try to turn this track into a grotesque pop song by playing it on your piano. If you listen to the vocals and leave out the grunting, it’s actually a pretty nice tune you could hum on top of this chord progression. Now, if you really want to freak someone out, play the sweet tunes on your piano, while singing those scary lyrics.

Kiss – ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’

Tonight, there are so many things you can do, except trick-or-treating. Well that’s one odd Halloween. But, that makes it a perfect night for laying at someone’s feet and playing a serenade. How about “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” by Kiss? It’s creepy glam, old school and definitely rock ’n’ roll.

Since all the other tracks above were written in C, here’s a high five for all guitar players: This song is in written Em. Again, we see some power chords, but mostly you’ll find variations of basic triads. Even though the song sounds pretty straightforward, it isn’t very easy. So, this is a good practice song for intermediate players and a walk in the park for the advanced musicians in our community. To the beginners we say this: It never hurts to try. Well, maybe just your fingers.

Mushroomhead – ‘Out of My Mind’

We end on a positive note because this year’s Halloween isn’t exactly how we pictured it. Therefore, it’s a good thing that we can escape and forget when it all turns out a bit creepier than expected. Kind of like Mushroomhead’s “Out of My Mind”. The song is fine, but once you’ve seen the video clip, you will try to get it out of your mind as soon as possible.

Again, a nice little track written in C. Now, guitarists may be wondering why a guitar band writes their songs in C and not E. Well, the patterns and chords they play in E are probably the same, but their instruments are tuned down to C. That makes it sound way more powerful, dark and, yes, scary. Try it out with your guitar. If you’re sitting behind your keys… Lucky you. Enjoy and creepy jamming!