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Chordify is a free online music service that transforms music into chords. It’s free because the site is designed to be supported by full screen advertisements. While conventional advertising methods are often experienced as intrusive, our website content and advertisements complement each other and add value. It’s a win-win situation that has proven to result in a high click-through rate!

Sofie Letitre Wallpaper

Commercial messages

Do you want to reach a large and carefully targeted audience? Chordify invites commercial parties to advertise with us. Please contact us for more information or check the Adbuyer program by Protein®.

How we work

Together with Protein®, our global advertising partner, we manage to create astonishing, targeted campaigns and site takeovers with a focus on music, culture, tech, art and design. Advertising on Chordify is all about MPU’s and wallpaper advertisements (CPM). Our rotatable wallpaper advertisements are displayed for 15 seconds each. We can also advise on advertisements and bring you into contact with professional artists and designers.

We love musicians – non-commercial messages

Chordify loves music and musicians. Our wallpaper space, besides its use for commercial messages, is also available for promoting bands and music we endorse. No strings attached, we promise! Do you have a brand new album to promote, are you organising an awesome festival, or do you have anything else that needs to be seen by thousands of music enthusiasts every day? Contact us right away! Non-commercial parties can advertise with us free of charge.

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