Check out the big brain on our new algorithm

We’ve just given birth to our new, high-powered bad boy of an algorithm! By harnessing the awesome power of Artificial Intelligence, we’ve unleashed a new chord extraction algorithm upon the world of music. It’s even more accurate and, best of all, it learns from our data and your chord edits, meaning it becomes even more accurate as time passes!

It’s alive! Almost, kinda
Artificial Intelligence you say? Yes! But it doesn’t mean our new algorithm will contemplate its own existence, complain about Mondays or says ominous things like: “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that…”, while locking down the Chordify office.

Hal9000 Chordify Deep Learning

Our new and improved algorithm uses something called Deep Learning or Machine Learning, an AI technique where it learns from large data sets. Based on this data the algorithm becomes smarter than our own programmers!

Try playing along with: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

Even more accurate awesomeness with A.I.
But that’s not all. Our smart bad boy will also look at all the chord edits you’ve made. So if our chord recognition algorithm hasn’t quite yet nailed your new favorite songs, it will learn from your corrections. So your edits don’t improve just the songs, they also improve the algorithm. It’s human teaching machine and vice versa.

Chordify algorithm edits deep learning

Other than increasingly awesome accuracy, you won’t notice a thing. It’s still just as fast, and it’s still just as easy to play along with your favorite songs. The only difference is that every time you chordify a song that isn’t in our database yet, or when you make corrections, you’re also helping Chordify become better and better!

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