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Did you know that Chordify is a music company founded by musicians? Yes, you heard it right! Our story began back in 2013 on the stage of musical festival Eurosonic in the northern Dutch city of Groningen. Music is involved in every aspect of our lives; it’s not just our business, it’s our passion! The Chordify team isn’t just full of music enthusiasts; we’re also a bunch of talented musicians.

Living the Rock and Roll Dream

Let’s start off with a fact about our team which we bet will pique your interest. A significant number of our employees are currently members of bands. They’re not just working 9-to-5 jobs; they’re out there producing their own music and living their own rock and roll dreams. Find some of them on Spotify! Search for Car Pets, JINI, BAAS, Hackberry or dort. and get a glimpse of talented musicians we have in-house.

Whether it’s strumming a guitar, pounding on the drums, or belting out those high notes, our team knows how to change the atmosphere and set the right mood everywhere we go!

Jamming and Having Fun Together

Following the previous lines of our Chordify music wonderland, in every office  we have a stage that’s not only used as decor; it’s for rocking out! It is not unusual for us to jam, have fun, and even host some epic office concerts. And, let me tell you, it’s always a blast! In the end, it is not just about work; it’s about the joy of making and sharing music together.

The Chordify Team Lives and Breathes Music

As you probably have already gathered, we’re not only dedicated to enhancing your music journey on our website; we live and breathe it! We get excited every day to come to the office and work towards transforming Chordify into something special for you.

Whether it’s improving our chord detection algorithms or adding new features, we’re always striving to make your music experience better. However, there is so much more behind the scenes that is surely worth some noise!

For a better understanding of our events, behind-the-scenes fun, and our latest achievements, be sure to follow our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts. Join our musical journey, and let’s rock on together.

Happy jamming!🤘🎵✨

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