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Well hello and welcome to the Chordify Top 10 of August. It’s time to put on our sunglasses, grab our guitar, uke, or keytar, and start jamming along with the most played songs on Chordify during the hottest month of the year. Ready? Let’s get this party started.

The most fancy pants newcomers in our Chordify Top 10

Since we started doing the Chordify Top 10, things have really become interesting. Instead of selecting the most played songs per continent, we decided just to throw all the best of the best in one pile and see what happens. Well, as you will see below we have a lot of newcomers that spice up our charts. From Sri Lanka to the Philippines, Indonesia, and back to the U.S.A. Enjoy!

Crazier by Arthur Miguel 

Where did Arthur Miguel come from? Yeah he’s from the Philippines, but that’s not the real question now is it? This guy rocks our August Chordify Top 10 charts, and he rocks them hard. His cover of the Taylor Swift song “Crazier” is slick, groovy, and oh so awesomely produced. No wonder that our community loves this guy. Check it out for yourself.

Manike Mage Hithe by Satheeshan ft Dulan ARX

In second place, we see another newcomer in our August Chordify Top 10 charts. The Srilankan music producer Satheenshan’s first hit “Manike Mage Hithe” – which is English for  “Manike in my Heart ” – is full of percussion and great melodies. Combined with the vocals, it takes you on a trip down the river of love. 

It’s Only Me by Kaleb J

And if you thought you’d heard them all, you’re in for a treat. Did you know that Kaleb J won the Voice of Indonesia in 2019? Since then, this guy has been making super groovy R&B with a twist. His single “It’s Only Me” from December 2020 ranks third place in our Chordify Top 10 charts. When you hear it you just feel the sunshine coming over the horizon, heating up the Earth for a brand new day. Let’s see if Kaleb J will stick around in our Top 10. We surely hope so.

Jugaste y Sufrí by Eslabon Armado ft. DannyLux 

Jugaste y Sufrí”  is a song by Eslabon Armado. Now this group of talented musicians come from California. Their guitar sound and vocal lines are rooted in the regional Mexican style called ranchera, also known as the music of the mountain ranges. This number four on our Chordify Top 10 charts is filled with laid back Latin soul. Try to play along – a lot of our community members already did.

Some things never change

Our Chordify Top 10 of August wouldn’t be complete without some all time favorites. Again we see “Shallow” by our magnificent duo Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper still going strong. Next to them there’s another old acquaintance: Passenger with “Let Her Go”. And just to top things off, our community definitely loves playing along with the Eagles, Billie Eilish, and Dua Lipa. So what are you waiting for? Grab your instrument and join the hype. Happy jamming!

Chordify Top 10 August

1 Crazier – Arthur Miguel

2 Manike Mage Hithe – Satheeshan ft Dulan ARX

3 It’s Only Me – Kaleb J

4 Jugaste y Sufrí by Eslabon Armado ft. DannyLux 

5 Shallow – Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

6 Let Her Go – Passenger

7 Bhashi – Viramayak 

8 Levitating – Dua Lipa ft DaBaby

9 Hotel California – The Eagles

10 Happier than Ever – Billie Eilish 

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