TikTok likes artists that make you feel like you’re the star. If you want to jam along with superstars like Don Toliver, Doja Cat and Matthew Wilder, then it’s up to us to make it easy for you to do so. That’s what we’re aiming for in this blog post. Check out the four songs that went viral on TikTok in the first half of 2020 and, while you’re at it, play along on your favorite instrument.

TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, where artists have shown that they can inspire an audience to dance, jam along, and do really bizarre and funny stuff. One of the best examples is “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, a song that “broke” the internet; TikTok played a big role in this. But in the digital world this is already ancient history. Let’s take a look at a few tracks that did the same in the first half of 2020.

‘Break My Stride’ – Matthew Wilder

You don’t have to be young and hip to be happening like Lil Nas X. The chords, tunes and especially lyrics for Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride” went viral on TikTok because someone thought it was funny to text their friends the words of the first verse and chorus like it was an actual conversation. This led to some funny exchanges of messages.

Of course, the pranksters shared the screenshots of the conversations accompanied by the Matthew Wilder song. As we already said, a few weeks on TikTok is a lifetime; so, you could try to pull off the same the joke, but you’re probably too late. Though it’s never too late for playing along with the “Break My Stride” chords.

‘Say So’ – Doja Cat

Not everybody can be as lucky as Matthew Wilder. Most of the time, you’ve got to step up your game and bring some catchy tunes to the table — just like the Doja Cat’s “Say So” chords. This LA-born superstar, who answers to the name ‎Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini in real life, had her breakthrough with the song “Mooo!” in 2018.

This year, she conquered the world when her track “Say So” went viral — among other songs from her Hot Pink album — on TikTok due to a dance created by the social media platform user Haley Sharpe. At first you might ask yourself, how can I jam along with something like this. But listen closely and you’ll hear the funky Chic-like D-major vibez. Try it out!

‘Like That’ – Doja Cat

And when you’re done with “Say So,” here’s another track from Hot Pink. Doja Cat and Gucci Mane’s “Like That” went through the roof even before the song was released as a single. Just like “Say So,” this track went viral due to a TikTok dance challenge. Of course, you can do a lot more than just dance to this song.

How about getting behind your keys and playing along with the track. It has a groovy bassline that you can easily pick up and accompany with the chords that all come from the key of Bm. It will take a bit of practice; but, if you have a sibling who’s willing to pick up the vocal part, you pretty much have a formula for going viral yourself.

‘No Idea’ – Don Toliver

“No Idea” is the first the single of Don Toliver’s debut album Heaven or Hell. It has all those laidback, almost fluid rap flows that we like to hear, combined with some trappy, dark vibes. This track gained a ton of plays right after it went viral on TikTok around the start of 2020.

The vocals are challenging, but the chords of “No Idea” are true finger breakers for guitarists and ukulele players. Though we imagine a good cover on the ukulele will definitely break the like button on any social media, wouldn’t you say? Well, only one way to find out… Happy jamming!

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