Tina Turner changed rock music. From fashion to sound, she took the old school tools and made them her own. In this blog post we’ll take a look at three things that still make Tina Turner the best. It’s Rocktober, so let’s rock it!

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Role Model 

Electric-shock hair and red lipstick are Tina Turner’s trademark. Combined with short leather dresses and chain mail, the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll is a role model for young artists that found comfort in her hard working and self-sufficient mentality. No wonder Tina Turner is the Guinness Book of Records record holder of the largest paying audience for a solo artist. In Rio de Janeiro 180.000 people came to see her perform in Maracaña Stadium in 1988.

During her solo career, she showed the world that even if you are a black woman who started off working on the cotton fields with her family, you can become the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll. Her performance, her music, the fact that she’s the first black person, and the first woman to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, inspired the generations to come. Without Tina Turner, there would not be a Beyoncé, a Missy Elliott, or maybe even a Prince. Now that’s what we call a rocking personality.

Speaking to everyone’s heart

Tina Turner became famous for her work as an R&B singer in the Ike & Tina Turner Review. But after she went solo, her songs became way more personal. When listening to a Tina Turner song, it doesn’t matter what your gender, colour, or heritage is. Everyone has experienced a broken heart, the pain of loss, the feeling of victory, the passion of being in love.

Her solo debut record “Private Dancer” showed that the world understood Tina Turner. The album went platinum in no time. Songs like “Better Be Good to Me”, “Private Dancer”, or “What’s Love Got to Do With It” speak to the hearts of many. To this day, the latter remains one of her greatest hits that gets remixed time after time.

Tina Turner rocks the masses

Tina Turner started off on the cotton fields. That sounds ancient, but hey, good old Tina’s well over 80 during the time of this writing. As a young girl she fell in love with the man that is credited for writing the first rock ‘n roll song ever – Ike Turner and his “Rocket 88”. After a long, successful career in showbiz, and an abusive marriage, she freed herself from Ike, and rose from the ashes like a phoenix to become the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll.

In a time where glam rock was at its prime – the 1980’s -, Tina Turner found the ears of the masses. Her songs are filled with warm R&B and raw rock at the same time. Her badass rock ‘n roll image sharpens the edge even further. The fun part about her tracks is that you can be a young metalhead, or a middle aged auntie, but when “The Best” comes on, you sing along to the max. That’s what makes her rock music so good.


Since it’s Rocktober, we celebrate rock to the max. If this article got you inspired, just head over to Tina Turner’s artist page and play along with all her classics – and we assure you, she has plenty of those. Or you can check out our Rocktober channel full of other epic rock songs. Playing along with songs from that channel will earn you our Rocktober badge, and let’s be honest… You want to have one, don’t you? Happy jamming!

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