Tina Turner says goodbye to her fans with a bang. After a book, a musical, and a lot of goodbye tours, now we have the documentary “Tina”. It tells the story of a girl from the cottonfield that fell in love with music, started working in show business at the age of 17, and had to learn life the hard way before making it big as the queen of rock ‘n roll. We celebrate Tina Turner with a few of her greatest hits, because she’s simply the best.

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Tina Turner is the Queen of Rock ‘n Roll

The queen of rock ‘n roll explains in the documentary “Tina” that after her break up with Ike Turner, the only thing she has left is her name. Tina Turner has to start over after years of building up a relationship with her fans. It’s time to rebrand herself. “I wanted to be a rock singer who fills up stadiums like the Rolling Stones do”, she says with a smile. And so she did.

What’s Love Got To Do With It

What’s Love Got To Do With It” was her first victory as a solo artist in 1984. It was written by Terry Brittan and Graham Lyle, and recorded by the band Bucks Fizz. Tina however turned the song into a real rock ballad and released the track as the third single of her record “Private Dancer”. It went straight to number one. The Bucks Fizz decided not to release the song on their album “I Hear Talk”. Who could blame them…

Private Dancer wasn’t my comeback, it was my debut as a solo artist.

Typical Male

Everyone called Tina Turner’s record “Private Dancer” her comeback. In the documentary she laughs about it: “This wasn’t my comeback, it was my debut as a solo artist.” After the success of the album, she struck again in 1986 with the record “Break Every Rule”.  The singleTypical Male” skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts, and is considered her most successful song in the US after “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.

We Don’t Need Another Hero

So we hear you calculating out loud: “How come Tina Turner didn’t release a record in 1985 to keep the momentum going?” Well she actually did, a single that is. We Don’t Need Another Herois the title song of the “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” movie in which the queen of rock ‘n roll plays the role of the baddy Aunty Entity.

The Best

If you’re a fan of the series Schitt’s Creek, “The Best” will make your heart jump with saltos of joy. This Tina Turner classic dominated the top of the European Billboard charts for weeks. Sadly, the song and the whole record “Foreign Affair” didn’t spark a big fire of enthusiasm in the States. But who cares, since the whole world knows Tina Turner is simply the best!

Discover all Tina Turner’s songs

The documentary “Tina” may be the big farewell of the queen of rock ‘n roll, but you can always find and jam her songs whenever you please. Just check our Tina Turner artist page. There we have all the tracks that our algorithm has calculated. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just search in the search bar. Either way, have a good one. Happy jamming!

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