Want to hear all about the roots of techno, straight from the mouth of one of its pioneers? Well, unless you went to Sonos Studio AMS during Amsterdam Dance Event, you missed it!

But don’t worry, for those of you who couldn’t make it, Sonos Studio has an awesome recap of the event on their website. Sonos Studio hosted a three day event during this year’s ADE, the first day called A hommage to the originators, where none other than Derrick May talked about his music.

Derrick May AK8A4901(Derrick May – picture by Jesaja Hizkia)

The Detroit Godfather
If you don’t know who Derrick May is and if you’re really into techno, it’s well worth checking out the article. And if you already know the guy, it’s a must read. Derrick May is one of the pioneers of the genre, his seminal track “Strings of Life” gave birth to a whole new techno scene. The song exploded and rocked the house scene in the UK in the late eighties. Go pay homage to one of the originators yourself and check out the article, while blasting his tracks at full volume.

Derrick May AK8A4880(Derrick May – picture by Jesaja Hizkia)

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