Badges: all you need to know

Earn badges

When using Chordify, you will be rewarded for improving your playing skills and your contribution to the Chordify community! Treasure the badges you have already earned and read below how you can earn more new badges.

Huh what, badges! Oh yeah, there’s a nice game element to Chordify to enhance your playing fun. You can earn badges when you jam along with tracks. The badges will give you insight into your own playing habits and some extra encouragement to keep on jamming. But that’s not all. In the months to come, there will be a lot more new badges waiting for you. So keep your eyes peeled.


For every song you jam along with on Chordify, your counter goes up one song. The more songs you play, the more badges you earn. Now you can show off to your friends how bad ass of a rocker you are.

Are you a frequent Chordify user? Your jams are automatically included. So take a quick look at your profile to see how many you’ve already earned. You might just be a bigger king, queen or Jam-a-lot mega boss than you thought.

Good Samaritan

Are you someone with perfect hearing, flooded with theoretical knowledge of music, and eager to help us educate our algorithm? Then you are a real benefactor and we award you for it with the Good Samaritan badge. This badge means that you not only play along with tracks, but that you improve songs with your knowledge.

Every improvement makes our algorithm a bit smarter. This means that the next time someone plays the song you’ve adjusted, they’ll have even more fun jamming to it. Moreover, just like with the Jam-a-lot badge, edits you’ve done in the past count as well.


If your knowledge of music theory isn’t that great, don’t worry! We also reward you if you chordify new tracks using the algorithm. How do you do that? Quite simple, you search for a song with the search function and for every song that you chordify first, you get a reward.

For every song that you let Chordify decipher, you will get a leg up on the competition. After all, you are an explorer who discovers new musical continents. Try it out and check your progress on your profile. Go go go and happy jamming!

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