Even though the Amsterdam Dance Event was a couple of weeks ago, we’re still happily reminiscing, with the occasional memories and flashbacks popping back up. Sufficed to say, we had a great time and are compulsively counting the days, hours and seconds until the next edition (346 days, 18 hours and 38 seconds, if we’re being ridiculously specific). AK8A5953_klein(Jameszoo – picture by Jesaja Hizkia) We’ve said it before, but one of our personal highlights was the Sonos Studio AMS pop-up. If you haven’t read one of our earlier blogs, Sonos Studio is a place where artists can experiment and share ideas and where spectators can connect with the music they love through unique listening experiences. Sonos Studio comprises of two permanent spaces, one in Los Angeles and one in London, alongside a global network of temporary spaces and collaborations. This year, Amsterdam’s Mayer Manor provided a stunning setting for the return of Sonos Studio Amsterdam to ADE. The three-day programme consisted of listening sessions, performances and workshops, and boasted an unmissable lineup of speakers including Derrick May, DJ Vadim, Tom Trago, Marcus Worgull and Osunlade. And one of the coolest performances we’ve seen: Jameszoo. What a trip. When we’re not busy compulsively looking at our ADE 2016 countdown timer in anticipation, disappointment and shame, we’re scouring the internet, digging up playlists, articles and podcasts to take us back. Like Jameszoo’s freaky tunes with obscure and exotic influences ranging from Brazilian to 8 bit stuff. Eclectic is normally a term you would avoid, but there really isn’t any other way to describe his tunes. We’re still playing the hell out of it. We also found this really cool Pause interview with the man himself on the Sonos Studio website. Be sure to check out his thoughts on music. It will make listening to his songs a hell of lot cooler when you understand where he’s coming from musically. AK8A5945 Sonos studio ADE by JH_klein(Jameszoo – picture by Jesaja Hizkia)

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