Now you may not know what ISMIR is or what it stands for, but let’s say that after the brilliantly hectic Amsterdam Dance Event, ISMIR 2015 is a welcome change of pace for us here at Chordify. However, don’t be fooled, it gets us just as excited!


For the few of you not googling it already, ISMIR is the International Society of Music Information Retrieval and from October 26th through 30th, they hosted a jam-packed conference in the beautiful town of Málaga, Spain. They focus on the research and development of computational systems to help humans better make sense of musical data. Two of our Chordifyers, Pedro and Vincent (pictured below at the event), attended to demonstrate Chordify and give presentations on ragtime syncopation, rock corpus analysis and harmonic validity. Don’t worry if these terms are making your head spin backwards! We know the majority of you just want to get stuck in and jam along to your tunes without getting bogged down in the technical jargon. But we’re pretty sure you often use the technology produced by the brilliant minds attending the conference every year – and Shazam to name just a few!


Music Information Retrieval is all around you and is one of the things making Chordify tick and giving you the tools to get play your favorite songs.

So we’re going to hush up right now and let you get back on with that and we’ll be back with more on ISMIR soon!

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