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Putting a guitar together on my own? Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work, especially when you can buy a brand new, prebuilt one, or even order it online. Out of all possibilities, making your own guitar seems like a strange idea, and more likely, that it is just not worth the trouble. However, with guitar kits you actually don’t need much knowledge or bulky tools to assemble it and you can turn it into a challenging personal project. In fact, there are a few advantages to going the guitar kit route that are worth considering.

What comprises a guitar kit? 

When buying a guitar kit, essentially what you get is all individual guitar parts in the form of a kit package, which need to be put together into a fully functional guitar. That means upon receiving a guitar kit you’ll receive everything including:
· Body
· Neck
· Pickups
· Washers
· Pots
· Bridge
· Electrical wires
· Tuning pegs
· Screws
· Toggle switch, etc.

The rest is clear. Your job is to make a fun DIY project in the comfort of your home or garage and assemble the parts. The good thing is: there aren’t any professional and specialized tools or equipment needed to do the job, except for some screwdrivers or sandpaper, which can usually be found in most home tool kits anyway. In any case, you won’t need anything that’s pricy or hard to find in a nearby hardware store, or purchase online.

On top of that, this can be a great opportunity to get familiarized with all of the little bits and pieces that make up this incredible instrument, so in the end you may learn how to appreciate more the anatomy of a fine guitar, and more importantly, use it for better playing and understanding how it all works.

Why opt for a kit instead of just buying a prebuilt guitar? 

Although it’s not a simple project, more and more musicians try out these kits, since there are a few advantages to making your own instrument.

Leaving your personal stamp 

Building and using a guitar that’s been crafted with your own hands and skill can provide you with a great sense of pride and attachment. It’s not only that you own a guitar, but you also participated in the process of its making and putting into operation. Furthermore, if you’re up for making things from scratch, there are guitar kit suppliers who give you the opportunity to customize some of the guitar parts, like wood type, hardware or pickups. Once you start working on your kit, you can alter and decide on the design, like choosing the finish color, adding patterns or engravings. This means having a one-of-a-kind, unique guitar that can’t be bought anywhere in the world.

A new hobby

If you find the whole experience of guitar assembling fun and engaging, why not make it a hobby? It’s a great, relaxing activity that could become your personal preoccupation. A hobby you can turn to when in need of a project. It’s creative and never dull, and at the same time the final product is something useful and concrete. It may, however, be challenging at the beginning, but once get the hang of it, it will get easier and more enjoyable.

The question of price

Depending on the brand, guitar kits come in different prices, but most of them can make a great budget alternative to low quality beginner guitars or brand name guitars out of your price range. Of course, we have to take into consideration the time and effort needed to put everything together, but if you are willing to accept the positive sides of the entire process, a guitar kit will definitely pay off.

Next time you think about enriching your guitar collection, or getting your first guitar, at least consider all of these amazing benefits of guitar kits and try out something new and different.

Simon Dupree discovered his passion for music at a very young age. Ever since then, music has been an essential part of his life. When he is not practicing, he’s probably behind the keyboard writing for Music Groupies.

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