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Make Music Day – Musical tips and discount

Today is Make Music Day! The name already suggests that on this day we write ‘making music’ in our agenda, all over the world. The motto is “created locally, connected globally” and everyone is invited to show their best musical side, that includes you! At Chordify we love to contribute to this special day. How? Read on.

Make Music Day is celebrated in more than 800 cities divided over 120 different countries. So, whether you live in Sao Paulo, Seattle, Beijing or Edinburgh; there are initiatives to join everywhere. For example, you can walk into a Street Studio in Budapest or New York, or you can participate in the musical parade through the heart of London’s city center.

Tips from the Chordify community

Chordify embraces all initiatives that foreground making and learning to play music. We will, of course, deliver the chords you need for your gigs on Make Music Day, but we’d like to do more. As a special effort we asked the Chordify community to share their best musical tips. We’ve listed some of the nicest and best tips below.

The ideal age

We asked people at what age they started playing music, on which instrument, what they are playing now, and how often they play during the week. It appears that the average age on which people started playing is fifteen.

The bigger part of our community plays guitar at the moment, but as a starter instrument the piano is most favorable. On average people play eight and a half hours a week, while they would like to play three times as much. Among those questioned thirty two percent regularly plays together with others, for example in a band.   


Make Music Day deal

To complete the music fest there is a special Make Music Day 50% discount on a premium subscription for a year, which will be valid up until June 24.

Do you need some inspiration for playing along? Check the Chordify channels. You’ll find loads of songs organized according to genre, era, difficulty et cetera.

Happy Make Music Day!

The best tips on music making from the Chordify community

1 Music is a miracle, be part of it.

2 Never give up! Keep trying! You didn’t learn to walk and talk in a day. Some things in life you have to struggle with to persevere.

3Play songs you like.

4 “Every time you pick up the guitar, play like it’s the last time.” Eric Clapton

5 Keep practicing. Be patient. Have fun!

6 Try to play with musicians who are better than yourself.

7 It’s not about looking fancy or professional, just have fun and express yourself.

8 Keep your instruments out in the open so you play whenever the urge happens.

9 Learn 5 or 6 chords, build up a good catalogue of songs then move onto scales.

10 Slow down until you play it perfectly slowly. Speed up as you improve.

11 First you learn the rules, then you break them!

12 Keep at it; it doesn’t come out right the first time, nor the second. Even after a 51 year hiatus in playing, you can come back and start again.

13 Don’t overthink it. Practice practice practice.

14 Bad ghosts don’t understand art, if you play music they just go away.

15 It is never too late to start and you are never too old to start.  

Make Music Day June 21 – get ready!

Whether you’re young, old, professional or amateur; everyone can celebrate Make Music Day on June 21, the day that’s all about music. It’s a global happening and music lovers from all over the world organize concerts and special events – mostly free!

French roots

To tell the origin story of Make Music Day we’ll travel back to France in 1982. The longest day of the year – June 21 – was dubbed ‘Fête de la musique.’ Festivities where conjured up to encourage musicians of all levels to go out and fill the night with music. Nowadays, the French cultural agenda can not be imaged without this folksonomic delight.       

International appeal

Over the years the festival has spread to France’s neighboring countries and across the atlantic, to all corners of the world. It’s celebrated in more than 800 cities divided over 120 different countries, like China, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Brazil. Australia is one of this year’s newcomers.

When did you start playing?

In the spirit of Make Music Day we’re curious about your opinion! What was your first instrument and at what age did you started playing? Play your part by answering these 8 questions. You might win Chordify Premium for a year! The results of this poll will be announced on Make Music Day, including the tips and advice of your fellow choridfiers.  

Happy jamming!

We at Chordify support all initiatives that encourage music making. That’s why we have a starter song channel especially for beginners, packed with popular songs that are easy to play along. And we will be adding a special Make Music Day discount on a premium subscription. Stay tuned!

New albums by Lily Allen, Johnny Marr, Snail Mail and Chromeo

Calling all brit-pop lovers! Lily Allen is back and Johnny Marr (The Smiths) is releasing a new record. But maybe the biggest surprise of the moment is the debut album of the American artist Snail Mail. And there’s news from Canada, electro funk duo Chromeo is back with a vengeance. So, there are enough new songs to jam along to.

Lily Allen – No Shame

Single: Lost My Mind
Release date: June 8th
Chords: Db Ab/C Bbm Gb Ab Fm Gb/Db Gb/Bb
Tip: Turn up the attitude, grab your keyboard, dye your hair pink, and play!

Snail Mail – Lush  

Single: Heat Wave
Release date: June 8th
Chords: Emaj7 F#m7/A B G#m7 F#m7 E/G# Am6 F#sus4 Asus2 A E
Tip: Recreate that lo-fi sound and start playing.

Johnny Marr – Call the Comet

Single: Hi Hello
Release date: June 15th
Chords: Em D C Bm Am G
Tip: A lot of chords changes and staccato rhythms. Ideal to practice your grip.

Chromeo – Head over Heels

Single: Must’ve Been (feat. DRAM)
Release date: June 15th
Chords: G A Bm D
Tip: Good song to loosen up your wrist and practice that funky rhythm.

Maddie Poppe, Oasis and Stan Walker in May’s top 5

The polls are closed and we can announce last month’s most played songs! In Europe Ed Sheeran has been dethroned by Oasis and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s top 5 entry shows people still like the classics. Meanwhile, the heartwarming song by Maddie Poppe Don’t Ever Let Your Children Grow Up has reached number one in the United States.

In South America a lot of songs that fit Mother’s Day have reached the top 5. The African newcomer Nani Kama Mama matches that trend perfectly. The man with the golden voice, Stan Walker, has made it to first place in Oceania. To sum up, there’s is a great collection of songs waiting to be played along. Happy jamming!


  1. Oasis – Wonderwall
  2. Ed Sheeran – Perfect
  3. Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do ft. SZA 
  4. Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone
  5. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary

North America

  1. Maddie Poppe – Don’t Ever Let Your Children Grow Up 
  2. Post Malone – Stay
  3. Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)
  4. Fortnite OST – Battle Royal
  5. Dermot Kennedy – An Evening I Will Not Forget 
Maddie Poppe


  1. Deen Assalam (LIRIK DAN TERJEMAHAN)
  2. Hu Yi Tian – I like you so much, you’ll know it
  3. GuyonWaton Official – Korban Janji  
  5. Ed Sheeran – Perfect


  1. Stan Walker – Thank You
  2. SIX60 – Closer
  3. The Rubens – Never Ever (feat. Sarah) 
  4. Sons Of Zion – Drift Away
  5. Jeff Bernat – Changes 
Stan Walker

South America

  1. Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez – Nena Maldicion
  2. Te Bote – Nio García, Casper, Darell | LETRA 
  3. GRACIAS MAMÁ – Natty Blanco 
  4. Jessi Uribe – Gracias Madre
  5. Sebastián Yatra – No Hay Nadie Más 

Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez


  1. Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad – Ilay Silako
  2. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth 
  3. Mickaël Pouvin – Éternel 
  4. Roan Ash – If I Ever Saw Heaven 
  5. Christian Bella Ft. Ommy Dimpoz | Nani Kama Mama 
Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad

Thank you for the music – ABBA’s come back

Just when you think it will never happen again, and you’re at the cusp of abandoning all hope, the legendary four-letter foursome ABBA releases the joyful news, they’re going to make new music. Agnetha (68), Björn (73), Benny (71) and Anni-Frid (72) had revealed earlier that they would hit the stage again, after a break of 36 years. As holograms! Mamma mia indeed!

In 1974 ABBA had won the Eurovision Song Contest with their dreamy disco hit Waterloo. From then on the hit train had gained momentum and the band scored one success after the other. They became Scandinavia’s most popular pop group ever, with sing-along classics like SOS, Dancing Queen and Fernando. All the biggest hits (and all the chords) can be found in the ABBA-channel.

The glamorous fairy tail came to an end when the wedding bells stopped ringing for Agatha and Björn. Then, not much later, Benny and Anni-Frid also separated in 1982 which made the group decide it was time for a break. That break is finally over and they will release two new songs at the end of the year, which will also kick off their hologram world tour.

For the fans who can’t wait there is an ABBA Museum “Walk in, Dance out”, which opened in Stockholm in 2013. In the museum fans can submerge themselves in the ABBA universe, full of low-cut stretch shirts, hair spray fumes, glitter pants and of course, disco tunes. The artificial intelligence version of ABBA is being created to breathe new life into this universe.  

About the technological possibilities of virtual reality and artificial intelligence Benny Anderson says: “We’re inspired by the limitless possibilities of what the future holds and are loving being a part of creating something new and dramatic here.”  

While the members of ABBA have reached retirement age, their music stays timeless and will undoubtedly ignite the disco fever in a new generation of Fernandos and dancing queens.   

New albums by Arctic Monkeys, DMA’s, Beach House and Pennywise

Many fans have been anticipating the new album of the Arctic Monkeys for months. The sixth album of the Sheffield-based rockers was not preceded by a single-release, which possibly heightened expectations even further.  

While some bands (Pennywise!) sound familiar, others steer into a new direction entirely, like Alex Turner and associates with Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

Furthermore, the Australian band DMA’s is releasing a second album, and the pop sensation Beach House is also back with a dreamy vengeance. Happy jamming!

Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

Release date: May 11th
Single: Four Out of Five
Chords: Am F A Em G Cm Gm Fm C#m C#m7 B G# F#7 A#m7 Cmaj7
Tip: Forget everything you knew about this band and listen with a fresh pair of ears.

Pennywise – Never Gonna Die

Release date: April 20th
Single: Never Gonna Die 
Chords: Db5 E5 Gb5 Eb5 Db A5 B5 Ab5 B
Tip: Turn up the volume, tap the overdrive, and go #punksnotdead.

DMA’s – For Now

Release date: April 27th
Single:  In the Air 
Chords: A C#m Bm7 F#m E Dmaj7
Tip: Also suited for your acoustic guitar.

Beach House – 7

Release date: May 11th
Single: Dark Spring
Chords: Db Fm Bbm Amaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 B7
Tip: Good song to unleash your effects on and try to imitate this full sound.


Top 5 most played songs in April

The beach is not the only place that’s shining bright, the top 5 of most played songs in the world is blazing more than ever. Cecilia Krull’s sultry voice is popular in Europe and South America, and of course good old Ed Sheeran can not be torn away from the top 5, this time he pops up in Africa and Europe. We have listed all the popular songs of the previous month below. Happy jamming!

Top 5 Europe

1 Ed Sheeran – Perfect
2 Ana Guerra y Aitana – Lo Malo (Letra)
3 Tema principal de La casa de papel | Cecilia Krull
4 5 Hov1 – Hon dansar vidare i livet
5 Fortnite OST – Battle Royal

Ed Sheeran

Top 5 North America

1 Fortnite OST – Battle Royal
2 Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)
3 Kehlani – Honey
5 King Princess – 1950

Battle Royal

Top 5 Asia

1 Ruperi valu soneri lata/govyachya kinaryava
2 Oporadhi (অপরাধী) | Charpoka (ছারপোকা)
3 IV OF SPADES – Mundo
Azmi – Pernah sakit Lirik dan Kunci
Hu Yi Tian – I like you so much, you’ll know it

Ruperi valu soneri lata

Top 5 Oceania

1 As Long as You Love Me | Sleeping At Last
Drift Away – Sons of Zion
Stan Walker – Thank You
4 SIX60 – Closer
5 BLANCA – Real Love

Sleeping At Last

Top 5 South America

1 Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez – Nena Maldicion
Tema principal de La casa de papel | Cecilia Krull
3 Dulce Pecado – Jessi Uribe
4 Mike Bahia – Quédate Aquí

Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez

Top 5 Africa

1 Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad – Ilay Silako
2 Bro Sammy, Menso Mene Hwan Powerful Worship
Ed Sheeran – Perfect
Jose Gatutura – Tuirio Twega
5 Zouhair Bahaoui – Désolé 

Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad

Guitar Pedals: What They Are & How To Hook Them Up

Guitar pedals have given us some of the best sounds in modern music. Would we have Pink Floyd without the luscious echo sounds coming from David Gilmour’s delay pedal? Or the wah sound coming from Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile which pretty much became ‘the sound’ of a war-torn America in the Sixties? Or how about the chorus effect that so emphatically opened up Nirvana’s Come As You Are? I don’t think so.

Yes, guitar pedals, along with guitars and guitar amps, have brought us a treasure trove of sonic delights. Yet understanding the array of different guitar pedals out there and knowing how to connect them all up is no easy feat. The good people at Zing Instruments are tackling this head on, with their super-duper guide to guitar pedal mastery that explains what some of the most popular pedals do, and in what order in the signal chain they should appear.

New albums by Eels, Manic Street Preachers, 30 Seconds To Mars and Johan

Here are some new tunes to try out! Get ready to rock along with these new albums recently released by Eels, Manic Street Preachers, 30 Seconds To Mars and the Dutch indie band Johan.

And while you’re at it, you might as well check out A Perfect Circle’s new record Eat The Elephant, released 14 years (!) after their previous album Emotive. Happy jamming! 

Manic Street Preachers – Resistance Is Futile 

Release date: April 6th
Single:  Distant Colours
Chords: E F#m7 B D A
Tip: Use your pedals to create the right sound.

Eels – The Deconstruction 

Release date: April 6th
Single: Bone Dry
Chords: Gm F Eb Dm Bb Cm C Dbdim D
Tip: A lot of different chords and high tempo, perfect for practicing your fast fingering.


30 Seconds To Mars – America

Release date: April 6th
Single: Dangerous Night
Chords: Bm G D A Em
Tip: Easy chords and very easy to play along.

Johan – Pull Up 

Release date: April 13th
Single: About time
Chords: D7 G D/F# Cmaj7 Em7 D
Tip: This song contains the quite unusual chord D/F#.

A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant

Release date: April 19th
Single: TalkTalk
Chords: C#m A F#m C# F# E D Em B C A# D#
Tip: Also interesting to try a different version on the piano.

Chordify in the top 5,000 of biggest websites worldwide

According to Alexa, Chordify belongs to the top 5,000 of the biggest websites worldwide. A special thanks goes out to all you heavy users, loyal visitors and spontaneous guests. Without you we would never have achieved this milestone!

Chordify iOS App

Alexa ranks the sites on metrics like the number of pageviews, the duration of page visits, the amount of linked sites and search traffic statistics. The web analytics service puts at place 4,901 in the world ranking list, that counts all active websites. Which is around 200 million at the time of writing.

The Chordify WebApp has been online since January 2013. The entry into the top 5,000 illustrates the exponential growth that the company has gone through in the last five years. Since then the company has welcomed more than 100 million unique visitors. As of today millions of songs have been chordified, and over a million people have registered to the service.