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Sierra Burgess, Mac Miller, INXS, and The Rolling Stones in September’s top 5

It’s time to present the musical play-along highlights from all corners of the world. Gathered by your trusted musical watch dogs at Chordify. One of the most notable entries is Mac Miller – the 26-year-old American rapper that died early September. Two of his songs are ranked in North America’s top 5.

Furthermore, there are no less than two German songs in Europe’s list, that must be a record! Also, soundtracks are remarkably popular; “Sunflower” (from “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser”) and “Immer wenn wir uns sehn” (from “Das schönste Mädchen der Welt”) are both known from the movies.

In North and South America, the Spanish translation of “Way Maker” has been at the top for weeks on end.

Besides the newcomers, we’re also surprised by the entries of some old acquaintances. For example, INXS (number three in Oceania) and the Rolling Stones (number five in Europe). Beautiful classics to play along to during Rocktober! By the way, did you vote already? Submit your opinion in our special Rocktober poll.

And finally, Ed Sheeran is still number one with his hit “Perfect” in the lists of Europe, Africa, and South America. Happy jamming!

Top 5 Europe

1 LEA, Cyril – Immer wenn wir uns sehn
2 Ed Sheeran – Perfect
3 Josh. – Cordula Grün
4 Sierra Burgess OST – Sunflower
5 Rolling Stones – Dead Flowers


Top 5 North America

1 Sierra Burgess OST – Sunflower
2 Erik Alexander – POR QUE TE MARCHASTE
3 Way Maker – Spanish
4 Mac Miller – 2009
5 Mac Miller – Come Back To Earth

Sierra Burgess

Top 5 Asia

A Love So Beautiful OST – I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It
2 Dylan Wang – Don’t Even Have to Think About It
4 New vs Old 2 Bollywood Songs Mashup | Deepshikha feat. Raj Barman
5 Sweety Boy – “ลองคบกันดูไหม” feat. FREEZiE

I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It

Top 5 Oceania

1 Dean Lewis – Be Alright
2 The Rubens – Never Ever (feat. Sarah)
3 INXS – Dancing on the Jetty
4 Halsey & Khalid – Eastside
5 Gretta Ray – Radio Silence

Dean Lewis

Top 5 South America

1 Way Maker – Spanish
2 LA VACA LOLA canciones infantiles
3 Ed Sheeran – Perfect
4 Toda Remix – Alex Rose ft Raw Alejandro, Lenny Tavarez, Lyanno y Cazzu
5 Culpables – MTZ Manuel Turizo

Way Maker

Top 5 Africa

1 Ed Sheeran – Perfect
2 Jessie J – Flashlight
Daft Punk Get Lucky Official ft. Pharrell Williams
4 Bro Sammy, Menso Mene Hwan Powerful Worship
5 Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson

Ed Sheeran

New albums by Paul McCartney, Lenny Kravitz, Eminem and Iron and Wine

We’re quite sure that Sir Paul McCartney has a lot more on his mind than carpool karaoke. The former Beatle is releasing his long-awaited new album Egypt Station. Lenny Kravitz is also joining the ranks with a fresh batch of compositions, just like Eminem and Iron and Wine. This pretty diverse ensemble guarantees playing pleasure. So enjoy!

Paul McCartney – Egypt Station

Release date: 7 September
Single: Fuh You
Chords: F C Am G Dm Em Gsus4
Tip: Still touring the world. You can see the legend, for instance, in Japan.

Lenny Kravitz – Raise Vibration

Release date: 7 September
Single: Low
Chords: Abm7 Ebm7
Tip: Just two chords with fancy names, that are actually quite easy to play.

Iron and Wine – Weed Garden

Release date: 31 August
Single: What Hurts Worse 
Chords: C F G Dm C/E D/F# Am Gm
Tip: Frontman Sam Beam designed the artwork for this album himself.

Eminem – Kamikaze

Release date: 30 August
Single: Lucky You (Feat. Joyner Lucas)
Chords: Bbm Ebm6 F Ebm Gb/Eb Bbm/Eb F7 Gb/Bb
Tip: Check out this duet with Ed

Ed Sheeran and Rosalía in August’s Top 5

The popularity ratings are in! In August the masses played along with Ed Sheeran, Rosalía, and many more fantastic artists. Last month the Spanish singer Rosalía arrived from nowhere at number 1 in Europe and now she’s flaunting at two places in the top 5!

The Spanish version of the hit “Way Maker” is at number 1 in the US. It looks like people are playing along with Spanish music all over the world. In the Top 5 of South America there’s a also Spanish translation of the hit “Sinach.” Have fun playing along, disfruta de la sesión!

Top 5 Europe

1 Ed Sheeran – Perfect

2 Rosalia – Malamente

3 Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do

4 Toy – Coração não tem idade (vou beijar)


Ed Sheeran

Top 5 North America 

1 Way Maker – Spanish

2 Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.)

3 Being Around You Lyrics | By Asher Angel (From Andi Mack)

4 Ella Mai – Boo’d Up

5 Ariana Grande – God is a woman

Way Maker

Top 5 Asia

1 A Love So Beautiful OST – I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It

2  Sweety Boy – “ลองคบกันดูไหม” feat. FREEZiE

3 Azhage Azhage En Azhage Tamil Album Song

4  Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan

5  学猫叫 (xue mao jiao+ซับไทย+คำอ่านไทย)  

I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It

Top 5 Oceania

1 Dean Lewis – Be Alright

2 Conrad Sewell – Healing Hands

3 Tutira Mai Nga Iwi

4 The Rubens – Never Ever (feat. Sarah)

5 Purerehua

Dean Lewis

Top 5 South America 

1 Culpables – MTZ Manuel Turizo

2 Way Maker – Spanish


4 Alex Rose Ft Rauw Alejandro – Toda

5 La Noche Termino La Fiesta Termino Piñata! – El Cuisi – El Marginal 2 temporada

MTZ Manuel Turizo

Top 5 Africa

1 Ed Sheeran – Perfect

2 Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

3 Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson

4 Ground Up Sessions| Kwesi Arthur (King Promise – OH YEAH) Rendition

5 Nelly (feat. Kelly Rowland)- Dilemma

Ed Sheeran

Monterey Pop – “The greatest pre-Woodstock rock music festival”

Jimi Hendrix sets fire to his guitar, The Who leaves no equipment undestroyed – Yeah man! Those were the days.

Think about history’s first legendary rock festival and you’ll probably see a picture of Woodstock 1969 in front of your mind’s eye. But, there’s a precursor. While it was similar in its outlandish atmosphere, it’s not the least bit as well-known as Woodstock.

Monterey International Pop Festival took place in 1967 and it’s an archetype of music festivals. To compare: the first festivals in Europe, like Pinkpop (Netherlands) or Ruisrock (Finland), popped up in 1970. The Danish Roskilde followed just one year later.

Monterey International Pop Festival was a stepping stone for Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, and many others who we now consider legends. It’s about time we take a look at one of the apogees of the summer of love.  

The art of rock ‘n’ roll

It all started with an idea of John Phillips, singer with the Mamas & the Papas, and his record label executive Lou Adler. They figured that rock ‘n’ roll should be given the status of art –  just like jazz. They also thought rock ‘n’ roll deserved a bigger stage. Together with a board of recommendation – that seated the all-star cast of Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Brian Wilson and Paul Simon – they worked out a lineup within a few weeks.

Simon & Garfunkel, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat, The Steve Miller Band, The Byrds, Otis Redding, The Who, Scott McKenzie, Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin, and so many more artists, agreed to play for nothing. Lou Adler says: “ We were just there at the right time.”

The Who and Jimi Hendrix

The story goes that Jimi Hendrix and The Who decided who would play first with a coin toss. Jimi lost and The Who stole the show by completely wrecking their instruments on stage. This instigated Jimi’s competitive side and he wanted to blow the crowd’s mind even more. People say he’d set fire to his guitar once before in London, but at Monterey International Pop Festival it was recorded on film for the first time.


Monterey vs. Woodstock

Jefferson Airplane’s front woman, Grace Slick, knew the location for Monterey International Pop Festival from the jazz festivals that were held there. She looks back with a free spirit’s nostalgia: “The entire area in back of the stage was people wandering around. There were drinks and marijuana and blow and whatever else everyone was interested in. Everything worked.”

Monterey proved to be a totally different experience than Woodstock, two years later. Jefferson Airplane were scheduled to play at nine o’clock in the evening, but due to programming delays they ended up playing at seven in the morning.

International breakthrough

Acts known in the vicinity of San Francisco, like Jefferson Airplane, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Grateful Dead now amassed fame from an even larger audience. The Beach Boys couldn’t make it, which meant Otis Redding joined the ranks at prime time Saturday evening, which afforded him a whole new fan base.

Monterey forbidden

A second edition of the Monterey International Pop Festival, planned for 1968, was forestalled by authorities and local residents. They weren’t waiting for a bunch of hippies to spread a message of hedonism, free love, mood stimulators, and rock ‘n’ roll in their backyard. So, as it goes, they forbid it. Fifty years later, in June 2017, there was a follow up to the first edition.

Monterey Pop the movie    

Director D.A. Pennebaker – also known for “Dont Look Back,” a documentary about Bob Dylan and the live recording “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” – eternalized the legendary performances of the festival in his 1968 film “Monterey Pop.” Thanks to these images we can catch a glimpse of how fetterless the festival business once started.

“Monterey Pop” is one of the nostalgic windows on ‘60s and ‘70s counterculture. As time goes by the photogenic celluloid images of this prototypical music festival seem to become ever more special.

If you live in the Netherlands you can see the concert film at the open air film festival Zienemaan & Sterren: September 8, 2018.

Rosalía, Andi Mack and Mickaël Pouvin July’s Top 5

Curious about last month’s most-played summer songs? Read about it here, in July’s Top 5. The Spanish Rosalía – a.k.a Queen of the New Flamenco – appears out of nowhere at number one with her hit “Malamente.”    

At the other side of the Atlantic “Being Around You,” from the television series “Andi Mack,” is at number one. Mickaël Pouvin, known from “The Voice France,” takes the lead in the African continent. Te Bote is still at the top of South America’s list, and the Australian band The Rubens stand their ground and are at the same position as last month, third in Oceania.

Check out the top 5 of the most popular songs from all corners of the world and galvanize your repertoire.      

Top 5 Europe

1 Rosalía – Malamente

2 Oasis – Wonderwall

3 Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary

4 Ed Sheeran – Perfect

5 Dawid Podsiadlo – Małomiasteczkowy


Top 5 North America

1 Andi Mack – Being Around You

2 Steven Universe Soundtrack – For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love)

3 Way Maker – Spanish

4 Drake – In My Feelings

5 Ella Mai – Boo’d Up

Top 5 Asia

1 Sweety Boy – “ลองคบกันดูไหม” feat. FREEZiE

2 A Love So Beautiful OST – I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It

3 Sweety Boy – ลองคบกันดูไหม Feat. FREEZiE ( Chipmunk )

4 Leeyonk sinatra – Sing Mejudul

5 Janine Teñoso — ‘Di Na Muli

Top 5 Oceania

1 Conrad Sewell – Healing Hands

2 Dean Lewis – Be Alright

3 The Rubens – Never Ever (feat. Sarah)

4 Chronixx – Legend


Conrad Sewell

Top 5 South America  

1 Te Bote – Nio García, Casper, Darell

2  FMK – Perdóname

3 Alex Rose Ft Rauw Alejandro – Toda

4 Leslie Grace, Noriel – Duro y Suave

5 Jotta A – Muéstrame Tu Gloria

Te Bote

Top 5 Africa

1 Mickaël Pouvin – Éternel

2  Daft Punk Get Lucky Official ft. Pharrell Williams

3 Lose Control By Meddy Ft The Ben

4 Drake – In My Feelings

5 Bro Sammy, Menso Mene Hwan Powerful Worship

Mickaël Pouvin

Introducing music to babies: this is how you strike the right chord

A guest appearance of our friends at Mom Loves Best.

You might already know that music is good for your brain. But how about your babies’? They may not be able to hold an instrument, but music definitely helps the development of your child. Moreover, toddlers like almost everything. You couldn’t wish for a better audience to demonstrate your singing technique, guitar skills or dance moves.

There is not an early enough time to start introducing music to your offspring. Lullabies are a great place to start, but there’s so much to discover. This article will list the most important positive effects of music on an infant’s development. Moreover we’ll provide some nifty tips for you to keep having a nice time as well.     


Feeling inspired? Check out the lovely songs for kids, provided by minidisco!

Songs for kids in English

Nederlandstalige kinderliedjes (Dutch)


Musik für Kinder auf Deutsch (German)

Musique pour les enfants en français (French)

New albums by Rick Astley, Ariana Grande, Ty Segall and more

Two new marvels from California: all-round instrumentalist Ty Segall is only thirty one years old, and already has countless album titles to his name. In a collaboration with White Fence he supplements this list with a new paragon in musicality. The Internet stirs things up with a powerful dose of neofunk on their album Hive Mind.

On the other side of the Atlantic we find many British artists with new songs. Ariana Grande, Florence + The Machine and the one and only Rick ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Astley, are dominating the list of releases.

Miles Kane wrote the first single of his Coup de Grace together with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey. In conclusion, there’s enough music and fresh chords to tryout and play along to. Happy jamming!

Ariana Grande – Sweetener

Release date: July 20
Single: No Tears Left To Cry
Chords: Am G F C Dm
Tip: Cover this song as a piano ballad or punk it up with some power chords on you electric guitar.

Rick Astley – Beautiful Life

Release date: July 13
Single: Beautiful Life
Chords: Bm E F#m A G# F# B
Tip: You can also play his legendary Never Gonna Give You Up, for nostalgia’s sake.

The Internet – Hive Mind

Release date: July 20
Single: Come Over
Chords: Bbm7 C7 Fm7 Abm7 Db7
Tip: Ideal to practice your funk hand!

Ty Segall and White Fence – Joy

Release date: July 20
Single: Body Behavior
Chords: C D# C# F A# D
Tip: Fast chord alterations in the verses, try to keep up!

Miles Kane – Coup de Grace

Release date: August 10
Single: Loaded
Chords: C G Am Em F
Tip: Catchy chorus with easy chords – what else do you want?

Florence + The Machine – High as Hope

Release date: June 29
Single: Big God
Chords: Dm A# C Am
Tip: Check the video clip, where Florence displays her amazing dancing skills.

Let’s take a road trip to twelve European music festivals

The soundtrack of this summer is in hands of a handful of headliners that stumble from festival to festival. What parties are these anyway? Below, you’ll find a musical road trip that hits all the coolest music event in Europe.

First visitors of Roskilde 2018

We criss cross through the musical landscape to spot the best live-acts and most promising up-and-coming local heroes. Join us on an exploratory expedition from Finland to Portugal by Hungary and Greece, to end up in plenty more beautiful countries with each unique and distinctive music festivals.

Make sure to read the festival guide before you leave, and the follow the Chordify tour guide to jump on the bandwagon for an unforgettable festival trip. Let’s go!

1 Roskilde – Denmark

June 30–July 7, 2018

Roskilde has been around since 1971 and is one of the oldest festival in Europe.

Headliners: Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Gorillaz, Eminem

Local Hero: Nephew – Danish rock band that sings in both their mother tongue Danish, as in English.

2 Ruisrock – Finland

July 6–8, 2018

Ruisrock is special because of its beautiful location on the island of Ruissalo, Turku. Aside from that, this festival has been around since 1970!

Headliners: Dua Lipa, N.E.R.D., The Chainsmokers, Clean Bandit

Local hero: Cheek – Finnish hip-hop with catchy melodies

3 Rockwave Festival – Greece

July 6 & July 19–20, 2018

Extraordinary because this festival was the Arctic Monkeys’ first appearance in Greece.

Headliners: Iron Maiden, Arctic Monkeys, Judas Priest, Alt-J

Local Hero: CORETHEBAND – Well-polished pop-rock from Crete

4 NOS Alive! – Portugal

July 12–14, 2018

This festival started out as Oeiras Alive!, shortly after it became Optimus Alive! Until in 2014 it was renamed to NOS Alive!

Headliners: Nine Inch Nails, Khalid, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age

Local hero: Jorge Palma – Gorgeous songs by 68-year old Portuguese

5 Exit Festival – Serbia

July 12–15, 2018

Exit Festival sees a very diverse line-up with acts from Mexico, Turkey, Bosnia. Aside form this, the location–a fortress–is very cool and original.

Headliners: David Guetta, Fever Ray, Grace Jones, Martin Garrix

Local hero: Bad Copy – Hip-hop group with wit, self-deprecation, and sharp (Serbian) lyrics

6 Lollapalooza – France

July 21– 22, 2018

Lollapalooza is a world-wide festival with editions in Brazil, Chicago (US), and Argentina, and others.

Headliners: Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, The Killers, Travis Scott

Local Hero: Nekfeu – successful rapper with an acting career on the side

7 Reading – UK

August 24–26, 2018

New Order was the headliner of this festival’s first iteration in 1989.

Headliners:  Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, Kendrick Lamar, Panic! at the Disco

Local Hero: Dua Lipa – Award-winning artist with global hits

8 Lowlands – The Netherlands

August 17–19, 2018

With the exception of the 2015 edition, this festival has been sold out for the last 13 years.

Headliners: N.E.R.D., Gorillaz, Dua Lipa, James Bay

Local hero: De Staat – Well-oiled and super tight rock shows, with famed circle pits during their hit Witch Doctor

9 Sziget – Hungary

August 8–15, 2018

Sziget is special because of it’s gorgeous location on an island (Sziget) in the river Danube. Additionally, the festival lasts for a whopping 8 days! Together with Roskilde, it’s one of the longest festivals in Europe.

Headliners: Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey, Mumford & Sons, Fever Ray.

Local Hero: Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra – Hungarian ska with happiness dialed to 11, complete with trumpet, trombone, and sax!

10 Pukkelpop – Belgium

August 15–18, 2018

With 180.000 visitors (yes, you read that right) this is one of the most-visited festivals in Europe, partially because of the large amount of daytickets made available.

Headliners: Arcade Fire, The War on Drugs. Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons

Local Hero: Bazart – Indie group that sells out Belgium’s largest venues

11 Paleo Festival – Switzerland

July 17–22, 2018

In their own words, Paleo is an extraordinary marriage between concert and carnival. Organized without public financing.

Headliners: Depeche Mode, Lenny Kravitz, The Killers, MGMT

Local Hero: Vendredi sur mer – French poetic synthpop of the highest caliber

12 Todays Festival – Italy

August 24–26, 2018

Todays Festival has only been around for a couple of years and is based on the power of ‘now’: “Because the only moment in which the future can be decided is this instant. The present… TODAY.”

Headliners: The War on Drugs, Editors, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, My Bloody Valentine

Local hero: Cosmo – In this Italian electro-pop, you’ll hear all influences of nowadays’ clubculture.

Panic! At The Disco, Dawid Podsiadlo and Daft Punk in top 5 June

Extra! Extra! The top play-along songs of the world are available. Most notable newcomer is the number one hit from Europe: the Polish song Małomiasteczkowy (translation: ‘small-town’) by Dawid Podsiadlo.

Oceania claims the price for most sensual top 5, with a list of heartwarming beautiful songs. For the piano-aficionados among us Panic! At the Disco, crowning North America’s top 5, is certainly worthwhile. Happy Jamming!


1 Dawid Podsiadlo – Małomiasteczkowy

2 Sublime – What I Got

3 Ed Sheeran – Perfect

4 Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary

5 Maroon 5 – What Lovers Do ft. SZA

Dawid Podsiadlo

North America

1 Panic! At The Disco: Dying In LA

2 Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams

3 King Princess – 1950

4 Jane the Virgin Soundtrack – Jane’s Love Theme

5 Cavetown – This is Home 

Panic! At The Disco



2 DJ Aisyah Ku Jatuh Cinta Pada Jamilah 2018

3 Janine Teñoso — ‘Di Na Muli


5 Azhage Azhage En Azhage Tamil Album Song


1 Stan Walker – Thank You

2 Mickaël Pouvin – Éternel

3 The Rubens – Never Ever (feat. Sarah)

4 Ziggy Alberts – Love Me Now

5 Fools – Cover by BTS Jungkook and RM

Stan Walker

South America

1 Te Bote – Nio García, Casper, Darell

2 Paulo Londra ft Lenny Tavarez – Nena Maldicion

3 FMK – Perdóname

Te Bote Remix – Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny, Ozuna

5 Axel Catalán: Valer Verga


1 Daft Punk Get Lucky Official ft. Pharrell Williams

2 Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson

3 Mickaël Pouvin – Éternel

4 Sipho Ngwenya ft Thinah Zungu – Igama Medley

5 Rak Roots feat Quatuor Squad – Ilay Silako

Eight festival headliners that will mark the summer of 2018

‘Oh, when I look back now, that summer seemed to last forever’

Let’s suppose the summer of 2018 will be just as legendary as the summer of ‘69. Then, who would be our new Bryan Adams? This festival season a few fast-moving, stage-hopping musicians are working hard to provide the soon-to-be nostalgic soundtrack for the summer of 2018.

‘And if I had the choice
Yeah, I’d always wanna be there’

While we fight off our burnout symptoms with relaxing festival vibes, these festival headliners juggle through dizzying tour schedules. No hangover or sleep deprivation will hold them back. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

With temperatures rising up to a 100 degrees Fahrenheit and sudden summer showers lurking around every corner; the 2018 artist makes her/his way through muddy backstage areas, while they plough through heaps of journalists and groupies to entertain one steaming crowd after another.

‘Those were the best days of my life’

Which names are center stage on this year’s posters? Perusing the lineups of the festivals, we notice some recurring headliners. These 8 artists are the architects of the soundtrack of the summer of 2018.

1 Dua Lipa

Roskilde (Denmark), Ruisrock (Finland), Mad Cool Festival (Spain), Tomorrowland (Belgium), Lollapalooza (France/USA), Osheaga Festival (Canada), Sziget (Hungary), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Lowlands (The Netherlands), Reading/Leeds Festival (UK), Electric Picnic (Ireland), TRSNMT Glasgow Green (Scotland).

2 Arctic Monkeys

Southside Festival (Germany), Hurricane Festival (Germany), TRSNMT Glasgow Green (Scotland), Open’er (Poland), Rockwave Festival (Greece), Rock Werchter (Belgium), NOS Alive (Portugal), Madcool Festival (Spain), Lollapalooza Festival (VS), Osheaga Festival (Canada), OYA Festival (Norway), Way Out West Festival (Sweden), Flow Festival (Finland), Sziget Festival (Hungary), Austin City Limits (USA).

3 Gorillaz

Rock Werchter (Belgium), Open’er Festival (Poland), Roskilde (Denmark), Gurtenfestival (Switzerland), Lucca Summer Festival (Italy), Monte Kobetamendi (Spain), Paleo Festival (Switzerland), Vieilles Charrues (France), Lollapalooza Festival (France), U-Park Festival (Ukraine), Park Live Festival (Russia), Sziget (Hungary), BoomTown Fair (UK), FM4 Frequency Festival (Austria), Lowlands (The Netherlands).

4 Kendrick Lamar

Øya Festival (Norway), Lowlands (The Netherlands), Sziget (Hungary), Way out West Festival (Sweden), Flow Festival (Finland), Zürich Openair (Switzerland), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Fuji Rock (Japan), Reading/Leads Festival (UK).

5 The Killers

O Son de Camino (Spain), Rock in RIo (Portugal) Open Air St. Gallen (Switzerland), Rock Werchter (Belgium), TRSNMT Glasgow Green (Scotland), Lattitude Festival (UK), Paleo Festival (Switzerland), Benicassim (Spain), Deichbrand Festival (Germany), Lollapalooza Festival (France), Panorama Music and Arts Festival (USA), Skookum Festival (Canada).   

6 The War on Drugs

Ottawa Bluesfest (Canada), Festival D’ete de Quebec (Canada), Hallifax Jazz Festival (Canada), Forecastle Festival (USA), Sloss Music & Arts Festival (USA), Pitchfork Music Festival (USA), Panorama Music and Arts Festival (USA), XPoNential Music Festival (USA), Sziget (Hungary), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Lowlands (The Nederlands), Green Man Festival (UK), Open Air (Switzerland), Todays Festival (Italy), Skookum Festival (Canada), Grandoozy (USA).  

7 Fever Ray

Body & Soul Festival (Ireland), Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival (Poland), Down The Rabbit Hole (The Netherlands), Roskilde (Denmark), Rock Werchter (Belgium), Exit Festival (Serbia), Melt Festival (Germany), Øya Festival (Norway), Way Out West (Sweden), Flow Festival (Finland), Sziget (Hungary), Pitchfork Festival (France), Club To Club Festival (Italy).  

8 Travis Scott  

Longitude (Ireland), Benicassim Festival (Spain), Super Bock Super Rock (Portugal), Lollapalooza (France/USA), Osheaga Festival (Canada), Hard Festival (USA), Pukkelpop (Belgium), Blockfest (Finland), Festival Cabaret Vert (France), Reading/Leeds Festival (UK), Austin City Limits (USA).

Obviously this is just a small selection of all the fantastic music out there. The nice thing about festivals is discovering new acts as well. For more festival inspiration check out the festival survival guide.