Rounding up 2020, we stumbled upon the most popular blog posts of the year. Read the five best articles below and you’re caught up on almost everything there is to know about 2020, almost. We also included some bonus tracks… enjoy!


5 – Beginner’s guide to guitar chords with Chordify

Where to begin when you’re a beginner? This might just be it. Our Beginner’s guide for guitarists is the starting point on your musical quest in life. It’s the index to find basic chords, music terminology, barre chords, backstage artists interviews and much more.
Read the beginner’s guide to guitar chords here.


4 – How to read a piano chord diagram

Now that you’re here at Chordify, you can find piano chords to all songs out there. But how to read the diagrams? You can try to figure it all out by yourself of course, but you probably will be quicker reading this article. It’s written especially for the absolute beginners on keys. 
Check out the piano chord diagram blog post.


3 – How to play the D chord in three simple steps

D is for delightful. The sound of the D chord is uplifting and it’s also easy to play. What more do we want from a chord? Together with E, A and C you can master an endless stream of songs. Check out this article (and video!), including an explanation on the D scale as a bonus.
Read the D chord article here.


2 – Top 100 most played songs on Chordify

The most popular songs of all time are here in one top 100 list. In one overview, you will find lots of catchy tunes, beautiful melodies and classic classics that are played over and over by your fellow Chordifiers.
Check out the top 100 most played songs.


1 – How to play an Em chord in 3 simple steps

The E minor chord is probably the easiest chord out there to play on your guitar. It’s one of the most essential basic chords, very suitable for absolute beginners. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful! Having said that, the Em chord is used in millions of songs because of its gloomy, yet powerful sound. No wonder the best article of the year is about this Em-gem.  
Read the full article on how to play the E minor chord on the guitar.


Bonus tracks 

For some songs, you just want to know everything there is to know. That’s why we launched a new series this year. In Songs Explained we explain a song (duh) so you know exactly how to play it from A-Z. Tabs, lyrics, video tutorials, easy chords, advanced chords, it’s all there!

Learn Billie Eilish – Everything I Wanted on guitar, piano and ukulele.

How to play Sweet Home Alabama on guitar or on the piano

Check out how to play Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for guitar, piano and ukulele.

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