How time flies… This little chord provider we call Chordify, celebrates its TEN year anniversary this week! It still seems like yesterday that the first version was launched during the ESNS music festival in 2013. It was a cold day in the Dutch Groningen, but a warm day for music. 

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In this anniversary article you’ll find

Paceshifters show during the official launch in 2013

How it all started

After building a prototype for a year or so, it seemed to be the right time to present Chordify to the public in January 2013. What better place to do that, then in the heart of a music festival, smack in the middle of our hometown Groningen? We took over a building where we would run a bar, have bands perform and demonstrate the brand new Chordify website to whomever was interested. We also beamed the website onto random white surfaces, wherever the internet cables or limited wifi access would let us. Yes kids, the internet was a whole different story back then!

January 2012 Chordify hackathon

You rockstars

But before we sound too old and nostalgic, let’s take this 10 year milestone to focus on what really matters: you. This is a big shout out to everyone who used Chordify on their musical journey. Whether it was just to learn one song or to play every day. Right from the start, a lot of people from all around the world jumped on the bandwagon and started playing along. Without you spending time with us, Chordify wouldn’t exist, nor would we have grown into the platform it is today. Thank you and keep on rocking, you rockstars!  

Future plans 

We are not done yet, we are just getting started. Big plans, yes! We know there is still a lot to improve and many opportunities to take on. As long as there is music out there, people should be able to play it and live their music. That’s what Chordify is here for. Now and the future. Happy jamming!  

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