Are you ready? Count off feature launching in three, two, one… Start jamming! Yeah that’s right, we have a brand new Premium feature which counts you in, so you can start your jam right on time. You requested it and you can count on us, you know ;) Let’s take a closer look.

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Count off feature 

So what is the Count off feature? When you play in a band, you probably have a drummer that will give a few clicks before starting a song. That’s super handy, since you know what the tempo of the song is, and it gives you the opportunity to start at the same time as the rest of the band. 

Our Count off feature does the same thing. It is our very own Chordify drummer who gives you a few clicks before starting a track. This way you’ll stand ready to rumble when your desired fiddle begins.

Count off feature

Jamming without the original sound

Ever felt like you didn’t have the opportunity to get ready when pressing play? If you use the count off, you’ll have 3 or 4 beats to get used to the song tempo and get your instrument ready before the music starts. So, the clicks before the song starts, get you in the mood for the tempo that is to come.

If you want to play the song without the original sound, just by following the chord diagrams, you should mute the track and the chords by using the Volume feature. Then use the Count off tool to count you in, so you keep the tempo of the original track. 

Try it yourself, make it count  

So now we’ve got your attention, right? Cool! As we already said: the Count off is available for Premium users on every song. “But if I’m not Premium yet, where can I try it out?” We hear you think. And it’s okay – we get it! 
Here’s the thing, you can try out all of our Premium features when you jam along with songs from the Top 50 channel or the Stay at home and jam channel. Those channels are full of hits from artists like Bruno Mars, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and many more. Just scroll through it, play along, and enjoy our Premium Toolbox features for free. Happy jamming!

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