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    Chordify App

    Our shiny brand new app. Design redefined.

    The Chordify app is just as easy to use as the web version, with the same basic features you know and love.

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    Seamlessly integrated. Seriously effortlessly.

    Both the web version and mobile version seamlessly communicate with each other. You chordify or favorite a song in one, it shows up in the other, and vice versa. Search the YouTube and SoundCloud catalogues, as well as the 4.5 million songs already chordified by good people just like you.

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    Animated chord diagrams. Revolution reanimated.

    When you’re unsure how to play a certain chord, you switch to the animated chord diagram view. You can easily switch between chords and chord diagrams, for guitar, piano, ukulele and ‘80s synthesizers.

    Everyone is a musician.
    Start playing.

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    • State-of-the-art chord recognition technology
    • Automatic beat detection
    • Easy to use and much applauded chord grid view
    • New: Animated chord diagrams view, for guitar, ukulele and piano
    • Chords and diagrams are synced with the music
    • Seamless integration with YouTube and Soundcloud
    • Search our 4,500,000 song catalog, and any other song in the world
    • Cross-platform library integration (desktop, mobile)
    • List your top tunes right away by favoriting them
    • Long pressing any chord label shows you the accompanying diagram instantly
    • Regularly updated curated content


    “I’m using Chordify to learn new tunes for my Punk Rock Karaoke Band”
    – Greg Hetson, Guitarist Bad Religion, The Circle Jerks, Punk Rock Karaoke

    “Chordify is incredible for studying music. Drop in a video and it works out the chords to play along.”
    – Oliver, user

    “Chordify is the greatest invention since someone thought to put milk in espresso. SERIOUSLY.”
    – Stephen, user

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    Chordify is an online music service - made for and by music enthusiasts - that transforms any song into chords.

    Search for any song on Youtube, Soundcloud or Deezer, or paste a link for any of these services.

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