According to Alexa, Chordify belongs to the top 5,000 of the biggest websites worldwide. A special thanks goes out to all you heavy users, loyal visitors and spontaneous guests. Without you we would never have achieved this milestone!

Chordify iOS App

Alexa ranks the sites on metrics like the number of pageviews, the duration of page visits, the amount of linked sites and search traffic statistics. The web analytics service puts at place 4,901 in the world ranking list, that counts all active websites. Which is around 200 million at the time of writing.

The Chordify WebApp has been online since January 2013. The entry into the top 5,000 illustrates the exponential growth that the company has gone through in the last five years. Since then the company has welcomed more than 100 million unique visitors. As of today millions of songs have been chordified, and over a million people have registered to the service. 

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