As you might have read in previous blog posts, we organized Music Hack Day Groningen (MHD) in our Chordify headquarters a few weeks ago. And we had a blast! At first we were rather hesitant about inviting over a band since we thought the main focus should be on facilitating people to conceptualise, create and present their projects on music, software, mobile devices, hardware, art and the web and asked ourselves if two live performances wouldn’t distract the people working on their hacks too much? The answer: no! Music Hack Days are all about music and Chordify is all about music. In the end, we invited not one, but two bands! Let’s throw a party! Anyone who has the least experience of bands playing in places that are not necessarily built to host musical performances know what this means production-wise. However, both gigs were a resounding success. The laid back and heartfelt vibes during the live recordings with Low Roar in the afternoon perfectly complemented the more vibrant and energizing atmosphere in the early evening. MHDG_Blogpost_¥¥_02   We threw an ‘invite only’ Gado Gado Party® in the early evening with band Yuko Yuko, recorded live by In De Kringloop and supplemented with the finest tunes picked and mixed by DJ Titia (Massive Music). All in all, we welcomed about 120 people, mostly music professionals in town for Eurosonic Noorderslag, invited by Deezer, In De Kringloop and ourselves. Together with the good food (gado gado meals by De Smaak Van Het Noorden) and free drinks (thanks to Palm Beers!), our pre-party set the bar high for the many gigs happening later that night and provided a great escape for the hackers working hard. Yeah, Yuko! Honestly, I did not really know Yuko Yuko until Mark – responsible for marketing and communication at Chordify – introduced them a few weeks ahead of the party. After listening to the first tracks I immediately loved their nostalgic 80’s pop sound and everyone involved with the organisation got really enthusiastic about this upcoming band from Fryslân, the Netherlands.   MHDG_Blogpost_¥¥_01 The band Yuko Yuko was formed by Elias from the Netherlands, who started off in the summer of 2011 with a self-released EP made on an iPad. After that digital adventure, he started buying analog synths and created a typical eighties sound, also referred to as dream punk or psych pop. Since then, he has released two 2-track records on his bandcamp page. In the summer of 2012, his song ‘Islands’ was part of the ‘ASHELL IIV’ compilation on one of the largest mexican netlabels Matinee As Hell. Since then, Yuko Yuko has been amazingly popular in Mexico and we are sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the band live in the upcoming festival season. According to music journalists and critics there is a great chance that 2015 will be the year of Yuko Yuko!  

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