Chordify is proud to present the new and exciting, game-changing ‘chord edits’ feature!

Lend us your ears and start chordifying

For over two years now, millions of people have been using Chordify as their main source of chords for every song they wish to learn to play. The Chordify library currently consists of millions of songs chordified by you. The ‘ears’ of the machine aren’t always pitch-perfect, nevertheless, the service offers a stunning 75-90% accuracy rate, depending on the style and sound quality of the song.

Until now!

Thanks to our innovative and interactive chord editing software, you can now manually improve chord sequences extracted by Chordify, enabling you to play along to your favourite songs with 100% accurate chords. In so doing, you will be working together with us to enhance the technology behind automatic chord recognition. So lend us your ears and start chordifying! chords_edit_Blog_625x250_dhr_150218 Scientific research for the public at large – Chordify and Utrecht University Chordify is collaborating with its main scientific partner Utrecht University to initiate the development of this state-of-the-art crowd-sourcing platform. Scientists are investigating how chord edits can be combined in a high-quality harmonic representation that can be used to evaluate and train chord recognition algorithms. We are confident that many of our enthusiastic and loyal users will edit the chord sequences from their favourite songs. With millions of monthly users, we are aiming to collect vast amounts of data to fuel this ongoing research. The release of chord editing marks the next chapter in the fruitful partnership between Chordify and Utrecht University and will accelerate progress in automatic chord recognition research. The partners expect this implementation to ultimately lead to the most accurate chord recognition software in the world. Through crowd-sourcing, Chordify is also taking significant steps towards furthering interactivity on the platform. View a perfect edit | Read the chord edits manual Chordify Chord Edits

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