We’ve listened to your thoughts and suggestions and we’ve just rolled out Chordify Credits. It’s far more than a fancy alliteration, it’s all the features of Premium, without the commitment of a subscription. Premium_icons_B No more hassle Instead of signing up for a Premium subscription, you can now use Chordify Credits to unlock Chordify Premium features for individual songs. Just buy a fistful of credits and you’re ready to go! Download MIDI files, PDFs, transpose and change the playback speed, just for the songs you want to learn. Once you’ve bought your credits, hover over the Premium toolbar on your chosen song and click to unlock. Go ahead and try it.

Premium_icons2selection of premium features

And there are still Chordify Subscriptions You’re on a roll and getting through your credits like no one’s business? It’s time to think about going Premium. You’ll get it all and then some.  Unlimited access to any song, anytime, anywhere!  

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