Chordify Premium offers you 13 features that make playing along easier and more fun. We took a deep dive in our data to find out what the most used functions are. Here’s an overview of the five most popular Premium tools!

1: Match the chords with your voice (transpose)

Do you want to sing along, but is the key too high or low? Transposing might help you. With this, you can lower or higher the key of a song. Just click the up or down arrows with the Transpose feature to transpose all the chords one semitone up or down.

Transposing changes the key and the chords, but not the key of the song that you hear in our player. Our tip: Use the song volume to turn the original sound down and turn up the chord volume to hear the transposed example of the chords. 

2: Create your own setlists

Organize your favorite songs in your own setlist with Chordify Premium. Pick, arrange and name the songs however you like. This feature is accessible on our website. Our iOS and Android teams are working hard to release it in full swing in the apps soon. 

You can add songs to a new or existing setlist from the songpage by clicking the + icon next to the song title:

Chordify Premium feature: create your own setlists

3: Use a capo and play chords with more ease

A capo is a clamp for the guitar or ukulele. Using this Chordify Premium feature allows you to play more open chords instead of the more finger stressing barre chords, without changing the key of the song. You need a real capo to play along with the new chord shapes provided by the digital capo.

Click on the Capo feature above the chords and move the capo to the desired fret.

4: Print or download the chords in pdf

We never underestimate the charm and use of good old paper! Chordify Premium offers you the option to print the page and download a PDF. Very handy when you want to play offline or share the chords with your friends.

To print the on-screen chords on the Chordify website, click the Print button in the toolbar (on web) or in our apps, tap the Menu icon in the top right-hand corner, and select Export to PDF

5: Upload your own Songs with Chordify Premium

Chordify uses AI to listen to music and get the chords for you. So you can also add your own music to your Chordify library. We support MP3, MP4 and OGG, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes and maximum file size of 32MB.

Not a Premium user yet?

Consider taking a Chordify Premium subscription to benefit from all the advantages and great extra functions that make playing along much easier and more fun. We continuously work on expanding the extremely helpful musical Premium toolbox. And although Chordify is already very affordable, it gets even cheaper when you choose a yearly subscription. In that case, you save more than 50%!

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