Spring is finally here, and we can start dreaming about outdoor jam sessions and sunny weather again. Let’s take a look over the top 10 songs of March – read on for some inspiration.

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Yena enters the Top 10 

A new entry at number 5 this month, we welcome exciting upcoming South Korean artist Yena to the Top 10 songs of March, with her track Love War. There’s some great, laid-back funky vibes on this song – the guitar and bass lines alongside the drum groove create atmosphere for the vocal melody and catchy hooks in the chorus.

With interesting chords, but quite a minimalist chord progression, it’s a nice track for different levels of players to jam with – for beginner guitarists, you might like to try using the capo feature to make the chord positions more comfortable. Try jamming along with the song here.

Miley and enduring classics

For the second consecutive month, Miley Cyrus takes the number 1 spot with her hit Flowers – the Chordify community can’t get enough of this track.

Since last month, her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation was released, which this track is taken from, so it makes sense that its popularity continues. The vocal melody for the chorus is a real earworm too of course, and it’s a lot of fun to jam along with – check it out here

As we see most months, it wouldn’t be a top 10 list without some bonafide classics. There’s several familiar faces returning for March, in the form of R.E.M, Amy Winehouse and The Eagles. Their enduring presence each month shows how evergreen these tracks are, and if you haven’t played along with some of them yet, this is the time to give it a shot!

Neil Young

There’s also Creedence Clearwater Revival appearing again, and some new (legendary) additions from Neil Young, The Cranberries and Scorpions. Plenty of great sing-along choruses and nice chord progressions to follow, with different vibes across these tracks – there’s ballads, alternative and folk rock anthems. It’s definitely worth taking a look at these golden oldies for some inspiration.

Check out the full list of the top 10 songs that were most played in March below. Happy jamming!

The Top 10 songs of March

  1. Miley Cyrus – Flowers
  2. R.E.M. – Losing my Religion
  3. Harry Styles – As it Was
  4. Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
  5. Yena – Love War (feat. BE’O)
  6. Neil Young – Heart of Gold
  7. Eagles – Hotel California
  8. The Cranberries – Zombie
  9. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  10. Scorpions – Wind of Change
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