Valentine’s Day may be over, but the lovin’ never stops. Not only for your loved ones, but also for those who give you everything they’ve got. Yup, we’re talking about your instrument. Here are four ways to give that ukulele the love it deserves, to tickle that romantic touch on your guitar, and to let it all out on your keys. Not only on the 14th of February, but whole year long.

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Clean your instrument

Instead of buying roses this year, how about you invest some time to spend with your lovely instrument. You know guitars don’t care much for roses, they earn you some though if you ring ‘m right. 

There’s nothing better than a nice clean piano keyboard, a well waxed guitar fretboard, or nice dusted off uke. Your weapon of choice really needs a bath from time to time with all that blood, sweat and tears you put into your jams. According to Yamaha, the best way to clean your piano keyboard is to use three microfibre cleaning cloths and some dishwashing liquid. 

Cleaning tip for piano

Put the latter on the first piece of cloth with a bit of water. Make sure that the cloth isn’t too wet, but just a bit damp. Rub one key with the mixture, then take the second cloth and make it a bit damp just like the first. This time don’t put any dishwashing liquid on the cloth, just clean the same key you just worked with some water. To finish it off use the third piece of microfiber cloth to dry the key. Repeat this action 88 times, and voila! 

Cleaning tip for guitar and ukulele

For guitar and ukulele, there’s a similar procedure. Start off with removing the strings. Then take a piece of microfiber cloth, some dishwashing liquid and a little bit of water. Remember that the cloth has to be damp, not soaking wet! Start scrubbing one fret, then use the second cloth with only a bit of water on it (not dripping just damp!) to clean off the soap. 

After that, just finish it off with a dry microfiber cloth. As a little extra you can always rub the fretboard with some Fret Fast, just before arming your instrument with a fresh set of strings. Since you’re in the rubbing mood, please don’t forget to clean the body of your musical friend.

Tune your instrument

After you’ve cleaned your uke or guitar, and you’ve slammed on some new slick strings on the instrument, it’s time to fine tune your weapon. How? We’ve got a whole article on how to tune your guitar, so check that out. When it comes to the ukulele, just treat your instrument to a tuner application so that you can keep it nice, fresh, and perfectly pitched.

Tuning a piano is an art, and we suggest you treat your dear friend to a professional piano tuner this Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s not very cheap, but totally worth it! ‘Cause come one, nobody is eager to hear an off tune piano. Unless you’re aiming at those Wild West saloon sounds.

Rock your instrument

What’s better than a clean, well tuned instrument? The first jam of course! What are you waiting for? Now that your beloved tool of expression is bathed, re-adjusted and properly tuned, it’s just waiting for you to rock it hard! We suggest you do so with care.

Share the love with a song

Now that you’ve given it all to that precious loyal friend, it’s time to share your love with the rest of the world. Tell your friends you love them with a song. Make your mother feel respected by jamming to her favourite tune. Warm the heart of your partner (to be) with a ballad. Want some inspiration? Check out our Valentine’s Day channel. Happy lovin’!

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