Today we’re talking about an important holiday – Mother’s Day. It’s the time of year to pay thanks to every mom out there and celebrate them. Let’s dive into some classic tracks which were dedicated to mothers, and pay homage. Happy jamming!

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Mama I’m Coming Home (Ozzy Osbourne)

He may be infamous for biting the head off a bat live on stage, but Ozzy can also write a heartfelt ballad about returning home to his mother. In the lyrics he reflects on how the relationship between mother and child changes as the child grows up. 

This song features some beautiful acoustic guitar parts, and as the dynamics grow in the second half, Zakk Wylde plays a memorable guitar solo. There’s also heavy chords in there, as well as pinch harmonics, so guitarists should enjoy this track. One of the more alternative songs for Mother’s Day, but certainly one you can still sing along with! Check it out here.

Dear Mama (2Pac)

Across his all too brief career, 2Pac wrote some legendary songs which would cement his place in hip-hop history. He stated how his third album Me Against The World was ‘deep and reflective’, going on to say, ‘It’s explaining my lifestyle, who I am, my upbringing and everything. It digs deeper like that’. The track Dear Mama perfectly encapsulated that approach, dedicated to his mother.

The lyrics reflect on their relationship and how he appreciates everything she did for him, amongst both of their ups and downs. There’s a great 90’s G-funk groove to this song, with some nice chords to jam along with. The contrast in style from Ozzy shows how this is definitely a universal subject for musicians. Have a listen to it here

Mama Said (Metallica)

Similar to the themes of previous tracks, Metallica’s track Mama Said reflects on singer/guitarist James Hetfield’s difficult relationship with his mother, who passed away when he was 16 years old. While there is tragedy in Hetfield’s story, he also shines a light on how he has grown since, and ultimately his lasting, loving thoughts on his mother. The choruses give an uplifting energy to the overall atmosphere. 

Musically, there are different vibes to the other songs, with country rock and blues flavors, including slide guitar. It reflects a period of Metallica’s career where they were more open to experimentation. This is a nice song to jam when you’re after something a bit slower and mellow, with a fairly simple progression, but very tasteful chords. Have a listen to Mama Said here.

The Best Day (Taylor Swift)

Let’s take a slightly more upbeat direction for the next song – The Best Day is a heartfelt tribute to Taylor Swift’s mother, reminiscing on how she cared for her as she was growing up. The chords immediately frame an uplifting musical context, and the vocal melodies also resonate with positivity.

The song features a simple chord progression with folk qualities. For guitarists and ukulele players, use the capo for this tune to make the chord shapes a little more comfortable. This helps brighten the sound of the chords too, which is ideal for this song. Simply put, this is a very wholesome track, and it’s lovely to jam along with. Have a listen and learn the chords here.

More tracks for Mother’s Day

We’ve taken a look at some tracks dedicated to the moms out there, but if you’re looking for some more to play, or a setlist for the special day, please check out our full Mother’s Day setlist. Happy jamming!

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