HURRAY! There’a new load of music that’s been brought out! Pop diva Kesha is back, just like Grizzly Bear from Brooklyn. The British childhood friends of RATBOY are about to release their long awaited debut and the brothers of The Cribs are presenting their seventh album. Basically, enough new songs to try out and to play along to. After practicing, tag Chordify in your cover version and you might get selected as cover of the week.

Kesha – Rainbow

Release date: 11th of August 2017 Single: Praying Worth the try because she also appeared in the top 5 of most practiced songs of America. Chords: Gm F Bb Play along with: piano


Release date: 11th of August 2017 Single: LAIDBACK Worth the try because you’re going to conquer many hearts with this summer love song Chords: Fmaj7 Em7 Dm7 / G Am Fmaj7 Dm7 Play along with: guitar, ukulele

The Cribs – 24-7 Rockstar Shit

Release date: 11th of August 2017 Single: Rainbow Ridge Worth the try if you like chord changes a lot Chords: D G F# Bm A D / A# D A# E G Bm G Bm A# Play along with: guitar

Grizzly Bear- Painted Ruins

Release date 18th of August Single: Neighbors Worth the try because it’s just very beautiful music Chords: Em F Am Em F Fmaj7 / C A# A / Em G Dm C Play along with: guitar

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