Waves of new music pour in on a weekly basis. There’s too much to mention all of it, so here’s a selection. Take a seat and hold on tight for an awesome update of new music in this album release list. There we go. 

Of Monsters and Men – Fever Dream 

Island’s pride Of Monsters and Men release their third album and they set off on a new gigantic tour through U.S. and Europe.      

Single: Alligator 
Release date: July 26 
Chords: Eb, Cm, Bb, Fm, Ab
Tip: Practice your strumming intensity, palm mute the verses and let yourself go in the chorus.

IDER – Emotional Education

IDER’s debut album is coming straight out of East London, where roommates transformed into music mates to support the world with their Emotional Education – which is the title of their record. Strong multi-vocal singing presented on a bed of epic electro sounds. Yup, we’re fans. 

Single: Wu Baby 
Release date: July 19 
Chords: Em, G, Am, C, D, A#, Gm, Dm
Tip: In this beat-oriented song the guitar strokes are carefully placed, so timing is everything.

Mini Mansions – Guy Walks Into a Bar… 

A band that consists of members of the Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Last Shadow Puppets? Oh yes! Mini Mansions are releasing their third album. Like they haven’t already got enough musical power, they are joined by Alison Mosshart (The Kills) on “Hey Lover.” 

Single: Hey Lover ft. Alison Mosshart
Release date: July 26 
Chords: G, Bm, C, Am, D, Em, D#, B7
Tip: Want to win back your ex? Try this song.

Kaiser Chiefs – Duck 

After more than ten years, there is a new album by the Kaiser Chiefs called Duck. It’s questionable whether they will ever write a timeless sing-a-long like “Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby” again, but they’re definitely trying. Just listen to “People Know How To Love One Another,” and be your own judge. 

Single: People Know How To Love One Another
Release date: July 26 
Chords: F, Bb, C, Es, Dm, Am, Bbm
Tip: Foot-stomp your way through and sing at the top of lungs.

Ed Sheeran – No.6 Collaborations Project

Ed Sheeran launches a collaboration with the following artists: Khalid, Stormzy, H.E.R., Justin Bieber, Eminem, 50 Cent, Skrillex, Bruno Mars and last but not least Travis Scott. Are you a fan of Sheeran’s performance in the Beatles movie “Yesterday”? Be sure to check out the video to “Antisocial,” to see more of his acting skills.

Single: Antisocial
Release date: July 12 
Chords: Bbm, Fm, Ebm, Eb
Tip: Challenge yourself and turn this overproduced hip-hop sound into a small acoustic performance. Ed would do it.

The Flaming Lips – The Kings Mouth

The Flaming Lips previously launched their new album on vinyl, but now there’s a digital release as well. Including Mich Jones of The Clash as a narrator. 

Single: Giant Baby
Release date: July 19 
Chords: Ebmaj7, Bbmaj7, Cm, Ab, Eb, Bb, F, F7, F/A, Gm, Gm/D
Tip: For those that are eager to learn some more challenging chords, check this one out.

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