We did not forget about you, piano players! Of course we want you to play along this season too. With the month going by fast, we want to make sure you have enough time to practice and get in the festive spirit. Get cozy, get in the mood, and take your time to read about 3 more classics that can not be missed this Christmas.

We have also crafted a short and merry video that explains the choruses of each track for piano, and gives useful tips for you to play along with ease! So get comfortable at your piano as we dive into these easy Christmas songs.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas was released by Wham! back in 1984, composed by George Michael – he wrote, performed, produced and played every single instrument on the track. 

A moment of inspiration struck while at his parent’s house, and he went to his childhood bedroom to lay down the foundations of what would become an iconic Christmas song.  

Despite several chart runs and the huge sales numbers Last Christmas achieved over the years, it took until New Year’s Day 2021 to finally reach number one in the UK Singles Chart, more than 36 years after its initial release.

In the song itself, the backing music gives a simple foundation for the main focus: the vocal melody – which was Michael’s intention. The melancholic lyrics lamenting a broken heart strike quite a contrast with the upbeat, jovial rhythm and instrumentation, which does leave a lasting impression. 

The track features the classic chord progression I-vi-ii-V, creating a somewhat downbeat vibe from the minor chords which is then uplifted by the major chord at the end of the sequence. There’s only four chords throughout, so this is an ideal easy Christmas song for piano. Jam along with Last Christmas here.

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) was released in 1971 by John Lennon, with co-writing credits shared with Yoko Ono.

The song followed more than two years of peace activism by the couple, which included their famous ‘bed-ins’ in 1969 to protest against America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. These sentiments are a key part of the song’s themes, particularly social unity and how this crosses over with Christmas. 

The verses of the song are reflective, but the choruses lift the track’s spirit with warm lyrics on how every generation can enjoy this time of year. 

The chorus includes sleigh bells and a performance from the Harlem Community Choir, which adds to the festive vibes of the song, helping foster a celebratory, inclusive atmosphere. A key part of the chorus message is that Christmas is for everyone, no matter your background or status. This is probably a key part of the song’s enduring legacy.

There’s some nice chords for beginners to practice, and the 3 /4 time signature can also be an interesting new challenge for novices to get familiar with. The chorus in particular features some great singalong hooks too, so this is a good choice to belt out with your friends and family around the tree. Listen to Happy Xmas (War is Over) here.

At Christmas

At Christmas was released in 2016 by Kylie Minogue on the expanded version of her album Kylie Christmas. This track is one of a few originals from the Christmas-themed album, which mainly features new versions of classic and traditional Christmas songs. 

Similar to Wham!, there’s a romantic melancholy at the center of the song’s theme, with Kylie reflecting on a past love and their absence this Christmas. This can of course be a popular theme with Christmas tracks, as we associate the time of the year with spending time with loved ones and friends. 

With the sleigh bells, swinging rhythms, jaunty keyboard parts and descending pre chorus chord progression, the arrangement of the track definitely sets the festive vibes. It’s a good song for beginners to practice, and intermediate players can also enjoy it. Have a listen and play along to At Christmas here

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these songs, and hopefully found some musical inspiration this Christmas. Please check out our full Easy Christmas Songs for Piano setlist and enjoy some festive jamming!

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