The Top 5 most intensely practiced songs in February

Once again, we’ve been busy compiling a list of the songs you’ve all been playing, and created the Chordify Continental Top 5 of most intensely practiced songs.

Want to know who’s the new number one on your side of the pond? The scores are on the doors…. Check it out!

1. Ofenbach – Be Mine (Official Audio)
2. Scott Hendrie-Sex Face
3. Charlie Fink, Luke Treadaway – Satellite Moments (Light Up the Sky)
4. Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girls
5. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

lady gaga bad romance chordify chordsLady Gaga – Bad Romance

North America
1. Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys 
2. Charlotte Cardin – Faufile
4. The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
5. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Tauren Wells Hills and Valleys chordify chordsTauren Wells – Hills and Valleys 

1. Reality Club – Is It The Answer
2. Aalayal Thara Venam – Masala Coffee
3. Zhalia – PAGSURE UY!
4. Moira & Nieman – Planes
5. ToNick – Looks together together (“save stiff scavenger” theme song)

Reality Club Is It The Answer Chordify chordsReality Club – Is It The Answer

South America
1. Claridad – Muerdo
2. El Reja – Soltero Hasta La Tumba
3. Manuel Medrano – El Swing de la Propuesta
4. Bubaseta – Una Ocasión
5. Usted Señalemelo – Plastilina

Claridad Muerdo chordify chordsClaridad – Muerdo

1. Sons of the East – Into the Sun
2. Vera Blue – Hold
3. Amy Shark – Adore
4. Daniel Caesar – Japanese Denim
5. Troy Kingi – True Love

Sons of the East Into the Sun chords chordifySons of the East – Into the Sun

1. Jérémy Sourdril – Chant Officiel du Livre
2. Dr. Tumi – You Are Here
3. Khaya – Never Settle for Less
4. Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Blerk, Refentse – Hardekole
5. Nathaniel Bassey – Casting Crowns

Jeremy Sourdril Chant Officiel du Livre chordify chordsJérémy Sourdril – Chant Officiel du Livre

A final note for those who are worried about privacy or possibly somewhat ashamed of their guilty pleasures: it’s all big data, not individual results. If you secretly want to learn to play the entire Frozen soundtrack, don’t worry, we can’t trace it back to you!

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